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Required Reading
Obama Proposes Saving $17 Billion by Cutting Programs Bloomberg | How exactly did the WH get every news organization to lead with the spending cuts, even though they're easily outweighed by the spending increases?
It Ain't Easy Being a Governor FiveThirtyEight | Pretty much every governor in the land has gotten less popular over the last few months.
Beware of Snarlin' Arlen Daily Beast | Lloyd Grove recounts his run-ins with Specter and his famous temper. Lots of people have similar tales of Specter humiliating his staff.
Specter Presses Ahead in Getting Subcommittee Gavel Roll Call | Specter will chair Judiciary subcommittee, though even this announcement seems to have gotten scrambled along the way.
To Replace Souter, Obama May Go Bolder New York Times | Obama likely to pick someone with a stronger voice to succeed the low-key justice.
Billions Required to Bolster US Banks Financial Times | The news is mixed, but the markets are happy because it could have been much worse.
White House Begins Effort to Bridge the Divide on Abortion Wall Street Journal | Obama tries to bring proponents and opponents together to find common ground. Good luck with that.
With Gay Issues in View, Obama Pressed to Engage New York Times | Gay marriage is on the march, but Obama has been relatively silent so far.
Is Guantanamo Republicans' Winning Issue? Politico | The GOP has seized on this and won't let go. Expect a lot more headlines before the year is over.
Sestak-Type Intraparty Challenges are Rare, But Not Without Precedent FiveThirtyEight | Looking to history to divine how Specter might do if he gets a tough primary opponent.

By Ben Pershing  |  May 7, 2009; 4:51 PM ET
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