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Required Reading
Bondholders Push GM to Brink of Bankruptcy Wall Street Journal | Will Obama pressure GM investors the way he did with Chrysler? Will it make a difference if he does?
How Scared Should You Be? Foreign Policy | How serious is the threat from N. Korea? Expert opinion is all over the map.
Dodd Complex New Republic | The sins of Chris Dodd's father cast a long shadow over the embattled son.
Geithner to Meet Chinese Leaders Next Week Reuters | Geithner will encourage China to keep buying our debt, and won't accuse the country of manipulating its currency.
What Kind of Judge? National Review | Orrin Hatch lays out what he wants to know about Sotomayor's views.
Sotomayor Nomination Splits GOP Los Angeles Times | This is the headline, and the paramaters of battle, the White House wanted.
Record Shows Rulings Within Liberal Mainstream Wall Street Journal | Sotomayor leans left, but wouldn't necessarily move the court much in that direction, given who she's replacing.
Burris Talks Cash on Wiretap Chicago Tribune | Burris on tape telling Blago's brother he would raise money for the governor.
CIA Briefers Regularly Mislead Hill Intelligence Panels, Ex-Spy Charges CQ Politics: Spy Talk | A possible data point in Nancy Pelosi's favor.
Why I’m Not Running for Mayor New York Times | Anthony Weiner has about 80 million reasons not to challenge Mike Bloomberg.

By Ben Pershing  |  May 27, 2009; 4:16 PM ET
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