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Required Reading
GM Files for Bankruptcy Protection Wall Street Journal | Opinion is decidedly mixed on whether the company will survive, and whether taxpayers will get any of their money back.
Rangel Calls Friendly-Fire 'Joke' Inappropriate New York Post | Never a good idea to insult your city's police force and joke about the president getting shot at the same time.
Senate Race Now in Hands of the State Supreme Court Minneapolis Star-Tribune | During oral arguments, justices seemed tougher on Coleman's side.
Geithner's Asia Background Shows on His China Trip Time | Did he get a better reception there than he does in U.S.?
When Cars Were America's Idols Los Angeles Times | Depressing thought: If GM can collapse, maybe America can too.
Obama Saving GM Needed Dealmaker Team to Break It in Bankruptcy Bloomberg | A behind-the-scenes look at how Obama made recent auto industry decisions.
Kennedy and Baucus ‘Seek Common Ground’ on Health Care Legislation New York Times: The Caucus | Top two Democrats on health care try to make nice after reports of their differences.
Sotomayor's Decision on Firefighters May Be Overruled by Supreme Court Los Angeles Times | Timing of this decision could be embarrassing for White House.
GM: Is $50 Billion the Limit? Kausfiles | Mickey Kaus says bailing out GM will cost a lot more than advertised.
Lawmakers Keep Expenses Off-Line Wall Street Journal | WSJ is latest to discover Congress isn't particularly transparent about its own operations.

By Ben Pershing  |  June 1, 2009; 4:30 PM ET
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