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Required Reading
Obama Tells AMA U.S. Health-Care Costs Are a 'Ticking Time Bomb' Chicago Tribune | President's address gets mixed reception from wary doctors.
Britain to Investigate Role in Iraq New York Times | Not completely clear yet what will be investigated, only that the Labour government isn't happy about it.
Seeking Answers on IG Firing, Sen. Grassley Asks About Possible Role of First Lady's Office ABC News: Political Punch | Interesting little story bubbling in Sacramento. Will this get more MSM attention?
Obama Open to Reining in Medical Suits New York Times | If Obama is serious about this, it's a big deal. Someone get the trial lawyers association on the phone.
Sotomayor Embracing Affirmative Action, Then and Now Los Angeles Times | Not much ambiguity in Sotomayor's position on this issue.
Conrad: Votes Lacking to Pass Public-Option Healthcare The Hill | Public option may not get 60 votes, but with reconciliation, how many are really needed?
Details Set for Remake of Financial Regulations Wall Street Journal | After lots of leaks and behind-the-scenes wrangling, specifics finally coming this week.
Repeat the Question New Republic | Stan Greenberg says Obama needs to learn from Clinton's mistakes, or be doomed to repeating them.

By Ben Pershing  |  June 15, 2009; 2:47 PM ET
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