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Required Reading
Ayatollah Demands End to Protests BBC | The deck is stacked further against the opposition.
Prosecutor Says Sen. Burris Will Not Face Perjury Charge Washington Post | Accidental senator will avoid prosecution -- the first good news he's had in awhile.
Pick for Protocol Post Corrects Failure to File Taxes in 2 Years New York Times | Best part of the story -- it's the post office's fault.
Iran's Supreme Leader Defends Election CNN | Hard to see how the opposition can get a happy ending at this point.
Spouse of Ensign’s Mistress Sought Help in Letter to Fox News Las Vegas Sun | Bet someone at Fox is wishing they had found this letter before the story broke.
Out of the Shadows New York Times | Paul Krugman gives financial plan a lukewarm review.
Nancy Pelosi Hunts Votes in Hostile Climate Politico | Speaker looks for moderate GOP votes for climate change bill.
Medicare Cuts Weighed to Fund Health Overhaul Wall Street Journal | Liberals wouldn't look kindly at this offset.

By Ben Pershing  |  June 19, 2009; 4:45 PM ET
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