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Required Reading
Voting Rights Act Narrowed by U.S. Supreme Court Bloomberg | Supreme Court essentially decides to punt on a touchy question.
Sanford, Missing Since Thursday, Supposedly Located The State | The strangest story of the day.
Iran Admits Possible Discrepancy in 3 Million Votes New York Times | Insert Florida 2000 joke here.
Special Interest Money Means Longer Odds for Public Option FiveThirtyEight | Statistical modeling shows what we already suspected -- the more insurance industry donations a senator gets, the less likely he is to support the public option.
Donald Rumsfeld in Repose Time | Author of new Rumsfeld tome provides a look at his current activities.
GOP: No Benefit to Court Fight Politico | Republicans getting little traction in their anti-Sotomayor effort.
Obama's Campaign Strategies Get Tested in NJ, VA Associated Press | Political Journalism 101: Off-year elections always have larger meaning.

By Ben Pershing  |  June 22, 2009; 4:25 PM ET
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Did you know that NON US CITIZENS can donate big moeny to our political campaigns...gee talk about taking over Washington one politician at a time...just go to Turkish Coalition of America and do some reading.....what a loop hole in this country....

Posted by: usgoldandsilver | June 25, 2009 11:44 AM

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