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Required Reading
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns Iran, calls behavior 'deplorable and unacceptable' New York Daily News | Clinton gives the meatiest speech so far in her Cabinet tenure.
Abortion Is Front and Center on 2nd Day of Sotomayor Questioning Wall Street Journal | Senators keep trying to pin nominee down on her abortion views, without much success.
HELP Passes Reform Bill, 13-10 New Republic: The Treatment | Health panel approves a bill very different from the ones the House and the Senate Finance Committee are considering.
How Much Health Care for $1 Trillion? USA Today | Even that price tag isn't enough to do everything reformers want.
Pressure Grows for Obama to Leap Into Healthcare Fray Boston Globe | At some point the president has to get his hands dirty on his signature issue.
Sotomayor Leaves Passion Behind in Her Testimony New York Times | Remember all the talk about her supposed fiery temperament? It definitely has not been on display so far.
Why is Steve Rattner Resigning From White House Auto Czar Post? Politico | An odd little mystery lost amid larger Washington news.
Media Jostled for Access to Sanford The State | Some in the Fourth Estate emerge from the Sanford scandal looking pretty cheesy.

By Ben Pershing  |  July 15, 2009; 5:03 PM ET
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