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Required Reading
Steele Calls Obama Health Plan "Socialism" Associated Press | Clearly the GOP chairman hasn't taken a poli sci class in awhile.
President Nixon Was Prepared for Apollo Disaster Space.com | Wasn't this a movie? if not, it should have been.
Lessons for Feminists from Sarah Palin American Prospect | An interesting take on What Palin Means.
Democrats' New Worry: Their Own Rich Voters Wall Street Journal | The more wealthy people Democrats represent, the harder it is to tax them to pay for everything.
House Climate Bill Was Flooded With Last-Minute Changes Los Angeles Times | The sausage-making wasn't pretty in the House, and won't be in the Senate either.
The Lessons Of Massachusetts National Journal | Possible model for national health-care reform has yielded mixed results in the Bay State.
The Shuffle President New York Times Magazine | Obama is "telling lots of stories at once, and in no particular order."
Palin’s Resignation: The Edited Version Vanity Fair | How Palin's speech might have looked if a real editor had gotten hold of it.

By Ben Pershing  |  July 20, 2009; 4:53 PM ET
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