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The Real Keith Fimian Story

7:06 PM ET, 06/ 2/2010

When Keith Fimian ran in 2008, I didn't spend a lot of time looking into him.  Running in a Democratic leaning district in a huge Democratic year made his candidacy extremely uphill in 2008, and I don't like paying a lot of attention to candidates who can't win.  Still, it always struck me as odd that Keith was a self-proclaimed mastermind of the nation’s largest home inspection business. As an accounting major from William and Mary were we really supposed to believe that he had the ability to be not only “good with numbers” but also be a chemical engineer in the field of detecting radon in homes?  Something didn't seem to add up there.

Now, in 2010, with a big wind at Republicans backs, any GOP nominee in the 11th is likely to have a chance to win- although I think Gerry Connolly will be tough to beat.  So I wanted to look into Keith a little closer...

Keith’s campaign is based on the fact that he grew U.S. Inspect from his garage in Northern Virginia, and that he was on the verge of bankruptcy. He says he is a CEO, entrepreneur, and a patent holder.  Those are great qualifications to go to Congress with--- if they are true.  So what's the real story with Keith?

As you’ll see below -- the real, original founder of the company and the man that Keith threatened, abused, and almost put into bankruptcy, was actually a man by the name of John McGreevy of McLean. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail McGreevy wrote with a couple of key facts about the real founding of U.S. Inspect, and the reality behind Keith’s egomaniacal character.

“The foundation of Keith Fimian’s campaign is built upon a fraud. He in no way is who he says he is.

1. Founding the company. The idea for the company was mine. Brian Fimian and I put the strategy together for the company. Brian strongly recommended I bring Keith in to the company saying he could help us work with the investment community and financial issues (he could not help in either area). I still think this makes Keith Fimian a co-founder but in no way was he a founder.

2. The business was started in a room over my garage at … with my wife helping us get the company get off the ground. My family had the largest stock ownership in the company with the combination of what I had and what my wife had. I led the company forward and got it off the ground. The others followed.

3. The radon patent. The principal inventor was Rich Tucker not Keith Fimian. For the most part Keith came along for the patent ride although he did work with the patent lawyers working the financial details out. The listing on the patent should have been Rich Tucker, John McGreevy, Brian Fimian and then Keith Fimian. Mostly Keith was there as our intent to make him part of the process not on what he contributed to the invention. Heck he is an accountant not an engineer or technologist. He screwed us all by putting his name on the patent as it was being submitted. I tried to change it but the lawyers advised against it because it would have raised a red flag for misrepresentation / fraud and it could have cost us the patent.

4. Rich and I had another idea for a Plutonium patent that would allow us to measure it 20 times more accurately than had been done before. We decided to just patent those ideas without the Fimians since they had screwed us on the radon patent.

5. RESTCORP. I had an idea to take the business beyond the radon testing area. At this point in the business we had decided that we (Rich Tucker and John McGreevy) did not want to work with Keith and Brian so it was agreed that we would set this company up with equal ownership. We would proceed to get RESTCORP up and running for all inspection types except radon. RESTCORP would purchase radon inspections from Radonics. Rich and I spent the next 2 years getting this business up and running only to find out that Keith never registered the business so it was never a real company even though we were doing lots of business. I am not sure how we filed tax returns. Maybe Keith just rolled the work up under Radonics. When Keith figured out that RESTCORP was the business of great value he then proceeded to screw us by bringing in a lawyer and a venture capitalist to build a plan to flush us out of the business. RESTCORP was what US Inspect is today. At the point this happened both Rich and I were broke and had no resources to fight them. They made it clear that if we did not restructure the business in their control they would bankrupt us with the inability to pay our share of the Sub Chapter S taxes. We could do nothing else except comply with the screwing.

6. Living under constant threat of physical violence. Keith is extremely volatile and had many outbursts over the years including threats of physical harm to me. The last 2 years that I worked at the company, I carried a stun gun to protect myself. Needless to say it was a stressful environment.”

This is truly devastating to Keith’s entire campaign. Keith’s only involvement with the product that made the business successful was sticking his name on it with the patent office. Likewise, U.S. Inspect was not started in Keith’s basement, garage, or attic as was previously reported and touted by the Fimian crowd.

The simple fact of the matter is Keith Fimian will say and do anything that will benefit Keith Fimian, and in the process of fooling voters he covers up, misrepresents, and distorts the facts.

This race is way out of Fimian’s reach if he is the GOP nominee.

No wonder Democrats in the 11th District are privately discussing voting for him next week in the open GOP primary.

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