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Biden: It’s All Good

1:20 PM ET, 07/ 7/2010

biden obama

By FITSNews || U.S. Vice President Joe Biden – the original “big f*cking deal” – says that Democrats will be just fine in the upcoming elections.

“I think we’re going to do a great deal better than anyone gives us credit for,” Biden said. “I do not see this grand debacle.”

Biden made the remarks during an interview with The Politico conducted during a recent holiday visit to Iraq.  From the story:

The vice president spelled out four reasons he thinks Democrats will do better than expected:

1) “I mean this in a literal sense — it’s going to sound partisan, but I mean it literally: I know what the Republicans are against. I have no notion of what they’re for. Now, I’m not being facetious now. I don’t know what their answer is, when they talk about taking down health care. Well, what are they for? I’ve gone into almost 70 races so far to campaign for Democrats — governor, Senate, Congress etc.”

2) “They’re going to take a look at and see that the president kept his word getting troops home, which will give them more confidence in the foreign policy he set.”

3) “We’re going to continue to grow the economy. One month will not a determination make. We’re going to range — on average, by the time we get to Election Day — probably between 100,000 and 200,000 job creation a month. That’s not enough. But people are going to get the confidence that we at least have the ship moving in the right direction.”

4) “I also think you’re going to see that all the things that they worried about with regard to health care are turning out not to be true. It’s turned out to be fairly popular.”

Hmmmm … where to start.

On his first point, Biden actually makes some sense.  Republicans are every bit as responsible for our country’s current economic malaise as Democrats are, and on top of that they have done a positively awful job articulating specific fiscal policy that will bring our country back from economic ruin.

So we’ll grant him that one …

On points two through four, however, Biden is doing what he usually does – talking completely out of his ass.

President Barack Obama may have “kept his word” on pulling troops out of Iraq, but the truth is that his foreign policy has been every bit as disastrous as his domestic policy, and the notion that his new socialized medicine law is “fairly popular” is laughable.

Also, if Biden thinks the economy is going to create between 100,000 and 200,000 jobs a month over the next five months, he’s on crack … which judging from his mannerisms, is plausible.

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