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Strickland Receives Buckeye Firearms Association Endorsement

3:29 PM ET, 07/12/2010

Yesterday, Governor Strickland officially received the endorsement of the Buckeye Firearms Association. This effectively means Strickland has swept the pro-gun endorsements in the race, receiving the NRA’s a few weeks ago.

So what happens when pro-gun republicans, many already turned off by the selection of Mike DeWine as AG candidate, start receiving mailers from the NRA telling them to pick Strickland over Kasich? How does the ORP react to this threat to one of their biggest pillars of support?

I don’t really see Robert Portman sticking his neck out too far on this issue, and I have serious doubts that Yost can do much damage control from the Auditor race. The ORP can and probably will turn to local races in an attempt to regain a few points on the issue, but I think most of our local candidates will be able to hold their own.

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