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Founding Fathers Looking For John Boehner

3:13 PM ET, 08/10/2010
Have you seen him in his district? They haven't. On Sunday and yesterday, Ben Franklin and George Washington joined the Campaign for Fair Elections (for whom I am consulting) in a tour of Ohio’s 8th Congressional district. They visited golf courses, a corn field, his gated community, and his district office in West Chester to ask the ochre-tinted one about Fair Elections. They couldn’t find him—but they did talk to a lot of district residents about a broken political system Boehner helped break. Rep. Boehner has been talking a lot about Democrats' failing to “drain the swamp,” in Washington, D.C.--but he’s spending his days raising special-interest cash around the country and asking lobbyists to bundle $100,000 for his “cash for speaker” program, as a way to gain VIP access to the wannabe-Speaker of the House. If Rep. Boehner were really serious about draining the swamp and not just offering his usual empty platitudes, he’d work to pass the Fair Elections Now Act, legislation that would put our elections back in the hands of voters--instead of the corporate interests and lobbyists who feed his personal financial trough. Sadly, there seems to be more chance he'd go a month without bronzer...

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