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Amateur Hour in the 7th District

11:41 PM ET, 10/25/2010

Eric Cantor has his faults. Losing elections isn’t one of them.

Throughout this campaign cycle we’ve heard little more from Democrat Rick Waugh and Independent Floyd Bayne than cries of “Cantor debate?” And while the argument could be made that it would have been the gentlemanly thing for Cantor to do, neither Mr. Waugh nor Mr. Bayne have given any credible reason as to why voters would want to hear them debate.

“Vote for me because Eric won’t talk to me” is not a winning campaign slogan.

And their latest attack isn’t going to win them votes either.

Cantor’s opponents criticize ‘victory tour’ rally
Richmond Times Dispatch
Waugh and Bayne’s campaigns expressed disbelief that Cantor’s camp is claiming victory more than a week before the midterm elections

Oh. Good. Grief.

Is this all they’ve got left? Do they really expect for Cantor to go on a “let’s cross our fingers” tour?

Campaigns have done this for years. The last district swing of the weekend is almost universally called a “Victory Tour.” Heck, I’ve been on “Victory Tours” when our own internals showed us down 20 pts. or more.

But then, let’s be real. Who in their right mind would predict that Cantor would lose?

Maybe Mr. Waugh and Mr. Bayne just need to take a couple of victory laps of their own and burn off some pent up frustration.

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