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Daily Headlines, Sunday, 10/10/2010

6:58 AM ET, 10/10/2010

Coffee cup Montgomery AdvertiserSupporters now must overcome 11 indictments

Montgomery AdvertiserLongtime Auburn dean of student affairs dies at 93

Montgomery AdvertiserAla. Guard general keeps supplies moving to troops in Afghanistan

Montgomery AdvertiserEconomic forecasts more than scare tactics

Montgomery AdvertiserAdvertiser editorial: Senators’ end run disappointing

Montgomery AdvertiserRants and Raves: Fraudulent claims hamper process

Huntsville TimesLexus sales rep is a driving force behind helping people in his church and in the community

Huntsville TimesMan released from mental hospital says he’s sorry for killing his stepfather, grateful for second chance

Huntsville TimesEditorial: Leisurely pace for (a) justice

Birmingham NewsMajority of Jefferson County commissioners now considering bankruptcy option in sewer case

Birmingham NewsJefferson County DA seeks new bingo standards

Birmingham NewsBingo indictments playing part in Alabama campaign ads

Birmingham NewsDevelopers pitch Alabama to German auto industry firms

Press-RegisterFeds place new restrictions on rights to challenge plea bargains

Press-RegisterAmerica moves on from spill; Gulf Coast feels abandoned

Press-RegisterAlabama Supreme Court stats show Tom Parker continues to trail in productivity

Press-RegisterLocal school superintendents heading oil spill recovery committee

Press-RegisterInsight: Unintended consequences of drilling moratorium

Press-RegisterEditorial: Don’t cut the budget for tourism

Press-RegisterEditorial: High time for some housekeeping

Tuscaloosa NewsFrugal efforts help build a leaner, more efficient art center

Tuscaloosa NewsExpiring tax cuts could mean $154M less for ed

Tuscaloosa NewsBentley’s, Sparks’ claims kept in check

Florence TimesDailySchool screenings limited but thorough

Florence TimesDailyRaby linked to casino bid

Florence TimesDailyLittleville revenue expected to drop if Russellville goes ‘wet’

Florence TimesDailyGovernor candidates in town

Anniston StarH. Brandt Ayers: Obama hearts business

Anniston StarBob Davis: Parting words for party bosses

Anniston StarBama’s tax paradox: If you’re at the top, it’s OK

Decatur Daily Indictments raise many questions

Gadsden TimesObama sends foreclosure documents bill back to Congress

Washington PostMental health troubles brewing along the Gulf Coast

Washington PostRural school systems cultivate homegrown teachers

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