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Daily Headlines, Tuesday, 10/19/2010

6:59 AM ET, 10/19/2010

Montgomery AdvertiserBentley campaign did receive help from AEA

Montgomery AdvertiserJudge to rule today on Ross’ bond objections in gambling corruption case

Montgomery AdvertiserState employees could share in $16M settlement

Montgomery AdvertiserProper restraint: Protection orders ‘a shield, not a sword’

Montgomery AdvertiserKey election deadlines fast-approaching

Montgomery AdvertiserDomestic calls require careful handling by police

Montgomery AdvertiserQ&A with Ellen Brooks

Montgomery AdvertiserAdvertiser Editorial: Don’t use public property for PACs

Huntsville TimesRepublican Clay Scofield stresses business background in run for Senate seat

Huntsville TimesDemocrat Tim Mitchell cites experience in bid for Alabama Senate seat

Huntsville TimesEditorial: Not the time for a big bonus

Birmingham NewsRobert Bentley acknowledges seeking, receiving AEA support

Birmingham NewsMoody police investigate racial hate crime

Press-RegisterBP waiving $75 million cap for some oil spill claims

Press-RegisterEditorial: The South’s not perfect, but it’s no clunker

Press-RegisterFrances Coleman: Bottom line is, the stadium board should resign

Tuscaloosa NewsAEA gave $150,000 for Bentley

Tuscaloosa NewsBillionaire presents energy plan at UA

Tuscaloosa NewsBibb, Pickens measures on ballot

Tuscaloosa NewsScientists lower Gulf Coasts health grade

Tuscaloosa NewsAlabama again stops payroll deductions going to PACs

Florence TimesDailyKeller approves agreement

Florence TimesDailyProfessors: Amendment’s passage would create jobs

Florence TimesDailySparks: Working class to win back Alabama

Anniston StarPolitical football in Montgomery

Anniston StarCrisis in the Army

Anniston StarVoters should expect answers

Decatur Daily Solid support for Alabama’s Sunshine Law

Gadsden TimesSparks: Bentley involved in AEA attack campaign against Byrne

Gadsden TimesPage, Nordgren vie for House 29 seat

Gadsden TimesMeans, Williams vying for state senate seat

Associated PressAla. first lady writes book on governorsen#39; families

Associated PressRoby raises more than Bright in reporting period

Associated PressFaction that lost control over SCLC files appeal

New York TimesDemocrats’ Grip on the South Continues to Slip

Washington PostHealth-care overhaul: Will its Medicaid expansion overwhelm state budgets?

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