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Email: The Truth About Patrick Haddon

8:52 AM ET, 10/19/2010

(Editor’s Note: This is an email sent anonymously to the S.C. Republican Party’s Executive Committee. It does not necessarily reflect the editorial position of To submit your organization’s release for publication, click here).


From: Time For SCGOP Truth
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 16:36:26
To: SCGOP Executive Committee
Subject: The Truth About Patrick Haddon

Executive Committee Members:

As it becomes more and more likely that Chairman Floyd will not serve out the end of her term, and it is a certainty that Chairman Floyd will not run for reelection, I want everyone to carefully consider the choice that is about to be made. This is a long email, but please read every word if you can. The choice we make is very important, and if you disagree with me, so be it, but please prayerfully consider these matters as we move forward as a Party.

I also encourage each and every one of you to read the S.C. GOP rules very carefully. If Chairman Floyd resigns, is removed, or is unable to perform her duties of office due to a criminal indictment or civil prosecution, a lot of people have an interest in making Patrick Haddon
chairman automatically, without a vote. But you deserve to know something that Haddon’s handlers won’t tell you: that’s not how it
works. The First Vice Chair doesn’t automatically become Chairman. The Executive Committee votes on the replacement, meaning Haddon need not ever be Chairman. Please consider that you have a choice. Patrick Haddon’s backers would like him to slip in without a vetting process the same way Nikki Haley became our nominee, and given what is going on with Haley, we need to carefully vet whoever would be Chairman.

The S.C. GOP needs a Chairman who will not be a rubber stamp for elected officials but will instead hold them accountable for their
personal conduct. Never again should we have a nominee for governor who refuses to answer questions about adultery allegations, can’t pay
his or her taxes on time, and who hides income from disclosure. And let me be very frank: the vast majority of the S.C. GOP Executive Committee did not support Nikki Haley. Do not feel like you have any loyalty to Nikki Haley; if you did not support her campaign early on,
she will have no loyalty to you.

And let’s clarify something else. Patrick Haddon won’t be the “breath of fresh air” that everyone is claiming. Despite trying to coopt their
support, Haddon is not a Tea Partier. Haddon has been in the Party for years and has political masters you don’t know about: Katon Dawson,
Henry McMaster, and Nikki Haley.

Haddon isn’t a new voice or a fresh face, he is a return to the good-old-boy politics that have gotten us in trouble. With Haddon as
Chairman the S.C. GOP will be nothing more than an extra term for Katon Dawson and Henry McMaster and will be a wholly-owned subsidiary
of the Governor’s office if Nikki Haley somehow manages to win despite her problems.

Let me give you some history you may not know. Katon Dawson put Patrick Haddon in charge of the South Carolina Federation of Young
Republicans several years ago. Haddon didn’t just arrive on the scene when he was unexpectedly elected in Greenville County and as First
Vice Chair of the Party. As Y.R. Chairman, Haddon became a member of the S.C. GOP Executive Committee years ago. Haddon isn’t new; in fact, he is one of the longest serving members of the Executive Committee.

He just stayed quiet until his masters needed him, while they maneuvered him into higher positions.

Most of you don’t know that Katon Dawson sent his toadies to the last Greenville Convention to work the election for Haddon, then cleared
the field for Haddon to be First Vice Chair and be an eventual successor for Karen Floyd. Haddon then quietly committed to Henry McMaster in the Governor’s race with the payoff being that he would be State Chairman if Henry won. When McMaster didn’t win, Haddon moved
over to the Haley Campaign along with the rest of the McMaster flunkies and sold his soul to Nikki Haley. And completing the circle,
remember the press conference where Katon Dawson attacked former S.C. GOP First Vice Chairman Cyndi Mosteller, Prof. David Woodard, and Southern Carolina Young Republican Chairman Liana Orr? Katon Dawson’s vicious attack on Conservatives for Truth in Politics was nothing but water-carrying for Nikki Haley, cementing that alliance.

These aren’t the actions of a fresh face or a Tea Party organizer. How many Tea Partiers can pick up their cell phone and call Katon Dawson,
Henry McMaster, or Nikki Haley? These are the actions of an inside political operator being positioned for higher office by the same
good-old-boy network that has controlled our Party for far, far too long. We need a chairman who will serve the Party, not spend his or
her term paying off dinosaurs like Katon Dawson and Henry McMaster and fakes like Nikki Haley.

You’ve heard it said that Nikki Haley is Mark Sanford in a dress. Patrick Haddon is Nikki Haley in a suit. He is not the new voice he pretends to be, but is the product of a slick, secret, years-long marketing campaign. We need a leader, not a mouthpiece. And we need a Party who will vet our candidates, not rubber-stamp anyone who files candidacy papers a la Alvin Greene. If the Party had done its work, we would have gotten to the bottom of the Nikki Haley adultery allegations during the Primary, we would have found out about her tax problems, and we would have learned the truth of the Lexington Medical Center and Wilbur Smith issues. If the Party had done its job, we wouldn’t have a damaged nominee whose only answer to questions about these matters is “No comment.” We need to do our job now as we look for the next Chairman, and a careful look at Haddon shows he is not who we need.

Patrick Haddon will be sold as the “obvious choice” for chairman, whether in the wake of a Floyd departure or at the next Convention, but I would encourage each of you to consider a different choice. And I realize this email will be criticized as an anonymous attack, but
please look at what has happened to Cyndi Mosteller, Prof. Woodard, and Liana Orr. Vicious attacks have become the order of the day in the
S.C. GOP, to the point that no one can speak truth-or seek truth-without having their political future threatened and being subjected to personal destruction. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and to express it anonymously if for political reasons they can’t express it openly.



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