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Krystal Ball Fires Back: "This is incredibly sexist...outrageous"

6:03 AM ET, 10/ 6/2010

As you probably know, photos of Krystal Ball from a party several years ago, where she is "posing suggestively with a sex toy," are now all over the internet. For more, see NBC 12. Also, see after the "fold" for more video from the interview. Among other things, Krystal Ball notes that Scott Brown posed nude as a centerfold, and he's in the U.S. Senate.

UPDATE: Ryan Nobles tweets, "get ready for the Krystal Ball national media tour. She is scheduled to appear on the @TodayShow later this week." Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! What will Krystal Ball's name ID be after this week? As high as Christine O'Donnell's nationally?  Stay tuned!

UPDATE #2: Ryan Nobles tweets, "Rob Wittman's campaign asking GOP bloggers to take down photos of his opponent, Krystal Ball circulating on the internet."

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