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12:05 AM ET, 10/18/2010

Throughout his brief career in the House of Representatives, Tom Perriello has attempted to project an image of himself as a moderate, pragmatic and independent voice in the House Democratic caucus. In his first debate with his Republican opponent state Sen. Robert Hurt, Rep. Perriello tried to refute the allegation that he is a rubberstamp for the Obama-Pelosi agenda by citing his opposition to the Democratic Party on issues of abortion, firearms and the recent Wall Street and Consumer Protection Act. Yet one group is not buying the moderate image Rep. Perriello is trying to project:

In an email, urges its members to come to the assistance of their “heroes”:

Dear MoveOn member,

Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer, Alan Grayson, Tom Perriello, and other progressive leaders have a Republican bull’s-eye on their backs this election year. And polls show many bold progressives are in real danger of losing in November—unless we all step up right away to save them. In short: Our heroes are in trouble….

Without them in Congress, it’ll be easier for Republicans and their corporate allies to steamroll awful legislation—because often what it takes is the leadership of a brave and bold progressive to stop the madness. We simply can’t let them lose on November 2nd. So we’re gearing up for the biggest weekend of action yet this election year: “Save our Heroes” house parties next weekend. We’ll recruit volunteers to help get out the vote for our heroes and dozens of other Democrats nationwide. These campaigns urgently need help to reach all their targeted voters, so we’ve set an ambitious goal of 500 parties and 150,000 recruitment calls. We’ll need everyone to pitch in to meet that goal! is putting its money on the line for Rep. Perriello, too. Despite his professed “independence,” contributed $100,000 to Rep. Perriello’s reelection campaign during the last quarter. What does know about Rep. Perriello that his constituents do not? How can Tom Perriello be both a moderate, independent voice for the 5th District and one of’s “progressive heroes” (in the same class as noted liberals like Sens. Feingold and Boxer and Rep. Alan Grayson)? Just how much of the organization’s far-left agenda does Rep. Perriello support?

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