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Putting Vegas Under

9:31 AM ET, 10/ 4/2010

According to a feature story in Saturday’s editions of The New York Times, Las Vegas is dealing with its worst economic crisis in seventy years. Casinos are laying off workers, the construction industry is sucking wind and there’s no guarantee that gambling revenues are ever going to return to their previous levels.

So … let’s put the city out of its misery, shall we?

Obviously we’re not saying this because we oppose gambling – far from it. We’re libertarians, people. We’re saying this because as residents of the state of South Carolina, we have a tremendous competitive advantage staring us in the face.

Think about it. Myrtle Beach could become the next Las Vegas – except with an ocean.

We’re talking thousands of new jobs, billions of dollars worth of new investment and yes … a new revenue stream for government (although we would propose using this money to provide long-overdue tax relief as opposed to spending it on state and local governments that are already too big).

Anyway, there are several competing proposals to expand legalized gambling in South Carolina and we have yet to determine which one  would be in the state’s best interests. We do know that now is the time to begin debating this proposals – and to start leveraging our competitive advantage. In addition to resisting reform, South Carolina has a long history of ignoring its competitive assets. If we ever want to escape the bottom of the national barrel, that has to change.

If that means putting Las Vegas out of business, so be it.


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