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Roby Burning Bright in AL-02

4:23 PM ET, 10/16/2010

While the race continues to heat up in Alabama’s Second Congressional District, Republican Martha Roby delivers a financially-strong 3rd Quarter that proves her campaign’s mettle and handily outshines incumbent Democrat Rep. Bobby Bright’s fundraising performance.

According to the most recent FEC reports covering July 1 through Sept. 30:

  • Roby raised $363,691
  • Bright raised $209,602
  • Roby got about 70% (appx. $253,000) of her contributions from individual donors, the remainder from the party or PACs
  • Bright got about 30% (appx. $65,000) of his contributions from individuals, the remainder from PACs
  • Roby spent $178, 403
  • Bright spent $363,179
  • Roby reported $300,372 cash on hand (she started with $121,584)
  • Bright reported $578,695 cash on hand (he started with $734,416)

Total campaign receipts for the entire election cycle:

  • Bright – $1,414,511
  • Roby – $932,911

Last week, the Cook Political Report moved AL-02 from Lean Democratic to Toss-Up while the Democratic Party touts a poll showing Bright up 9 points over Roby. The Huffington Post reports a different poll which shows Roby up 2, but within the margin of error.

Here are the links to really-big .pdf files (you’ve been warned!) that you can peruse on your own: Martha Roby’s October Quarterly ; Bobby Bright’s October Quarterly.

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