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Sig Line of the month -- the final five

2:12 PM ET, 10/ 8/2010
Due to popular demand -- well, DaftPunk asked for it, anyway -- the sig line of the month contest is back.  
DaftPunk was the winner of the last contest with his much appreicated Bill Maher quote about Sarah Palin :"
She wrote tax cuts" on her hand.  A Republican so stupid she had to be reminded about tax cuts.  It's like you looked at Wile E. Coyote's paw and it said "Road Runner."

Nominees can be an actual sig line used by a polster, or a comment by a polster that seems to cry out to be used as a sig line.  The latter can be either one of those occasional outbursts that we all make but don't look so good on screen or a ray of simple brilliance.  
In the latter category, brilliance, I'm nominating ajb's quote from Ralphie:
"Never assume "shill" when "idiot" is available as an explanation."  

In the "wish I had that one back" category, the ever prolific bjwilson83 came through in response to an eloquent post from Barron X in which the Barron talked about Tom Tancredo picking up the guidon of the conservative causeand carrying on.  In a burst of pure Beejism, our resident math whiz, who was at that point still backing Dan Maes, parried
I don't know who Guidon is.  Nor do I care."

A guidon, of course, is a unit standard.  Carrying it, especially into battle, is a high honor, albeit often a fatal one.  In the Barron's metaphor, Tancredo picking up the guidon was a noble and courageous act, rallying the troops.  The beej can be forgiven for not knowing what a guidon is, of course -- you probably have to be a veteran or at least know a bit of military history to recognize that.  But the Nor do I care portion just seemed to be pure Beejism.
  Needing no explanation, we come to the deft sally from Ardy39.  
There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don't.

that prompted marc sobel to nominate:

In order to understand Recursion, you must first understand Recursion

 And though he didn't nominate it it specifically, I was enchanted by this line from Gray In Mountains


BBQ is a religious experience. Confusing BBQ with grilling is much like confusing showers with baptism.

Let the voting begin.

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