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Predictions Anyone?

7:36 PM ET, 11/ 1/2010
As I look at RedGreen's diary comparing 2008 to now here in the world of Pols, I can't help but think that two years ago we were all about making predictions about the election.  Of course, two years ago making predictions was fun because, at the end of the day, we knew Dems would win and all would be right with the world.  Now, not so much.

But, come on, Polsters.  Time to man (and woman) up.  Is Betsy (not to be confused with Edward) Markey a one-termer?  Is John Salazar unexpectedly going to find himself out of a job?

And, for the love of Christ, don't just let the beej, h-man, and libby dominate with there shillery...

There are real races here, who wins?
I fully admit I think tomorrow is going to be a bad night for Dems.  My faith in polls is probably a bit stronger than most of yours for a variety of reasons.  The bottom line is I just don't think the numbers are there for Dems.  

And with that, I lay myself before the court of Pols.  Here are my (sad) predictions:

Senate:  Ken Buck is going to be an awful Senator...worse that Dullard...but the next US Senator from the state of Colorado he is.  Buck by 3.

CO 3rd:  Like Pols says, Salazar did get caught napping, but he should pull this thing out.  Repubs just didn't pay enough attention while Salazar wasn't.  Salazar by 4 at the end of the day.

CO 4th: I like Betsy, I really do, but she won in '08 by 12% against a ridiculously unpopular incumbent.  Gardner's not perfect, but he's miles ahead of Musty and good enough for the 4th in the eyes of Repubs.  Gardner by 6 in a bit of a surprise.

Gov: If Hick doesn't win, I pledge to stop following politics entirely...seriously...
AG:  Suthers in a walk
SoS: Buescher
Treasurer: Stapleton...ugh...

Other races:

WV Sen: The only reason Manchin is still ahead in the polls against anyone with an 'R' attached to his name is because his numbers started in the stratosphere.  That should be enough to win, but not by much.  Manchin by 2.
PA Sen: Toomey by 6
NV Sen: Say hello to Senator Crazy McGoo.  Angle by 4.
AK Sen: Does anyone have the slightest idea about what's going on here?!  I think this race gets caught up in the courts Coleman/Franken style...that's all I've got.
IL Sen: The numbers lean towards Kirk, but like with Salazar's seat, I just cant see it happening.  Giannoulmnopqrsias in a squeaker.
WA Sen: Today's PPP poll should scare the crap out of Dems.  This race easily has the two best know candidates to their electorate in the country, and people have reject Dino the RINO twice.  Third time's a charm...for losing.  Murray by 4.

Obviously there are tons of interesting races out there, but here's the bottom line.

Senate 52-48 Dems
House 52 seat net swing to repubs

I hope I'm wrong...

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