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Vanessa Minnillo From Space

4:38 PM ET, 11/ 8/2010

Here are some pictures of former Miss Teen USA Vanessa Minnillo chillaxing in some tropical location – images that were obviously taken from a 1960s-era spy satellite.

Seriously, people … this is like waiting for Google Earth to download. In fact, that may not even be Vanessa Minnillo. It could be the Latino girl that cleans our founding editor’s pool.


She don’t need no stinking papeles …

In other news, UPI is reporting that there may be offensive Soviet missiles in Cuba. We’re waiting for President John F. Kennedy to address the nation right now …

(Click to enlarge)

vm 018 vm 017 vm 016 vm 015 vm 014 vm 013 vm 012 vm 011 vm 010 vm 009 vm 008 vm 007 vm 006 vm 005 vm 004 vm 003 vm 002 vm 001

Pics: Splash News

UPDATE: Vanessa Minnillo is not the same person as Alyssa Milano. Go figure …


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