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John Salazar Drops More 2012 Rematch Hints

1:14 PM ET, 12/20/2010
In today's Pueblo Chieftain, Matt Hildner reports:

Outgoing U.S. Rep. John Salazar said he may again run for Congress, speaking after a luncheon in his honor Sunday by San Luis Valley Democrats.

"We're keeping all our options open," the Manassa Democrat said. "I've been asked to run again and we might in two years."

State Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, defeated Salazar, a three-term congressman, by a four-point margin in November.  

Salazar also said he is mulling offers for positions in state and federal government, although he declined to go into specifics...

In this story, outgoing Rep. John Salazar's former aide Sal Pace--now the Colorado House Minority Leader and a short-list CD-3 candidate himself--speaks fondly of his old boss, certainly with no indication he would object to a CD-3 rematch. Like we said before, much depends on what happens in redistricting, but this is one race that Democrats might honestly want to see refought under different circumstances than those that made Scott "Half Off" Tipton competitive in 2010.

Bottom line: those who scoff at the possibility of John Salazar personally bidding to win his still-warm seat back in two years, as unusual a bid as that may be, maybe shouldn't.

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