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Ellen Golombek To Head Department of Labor

4:47 PM ET, 01/ 3/2011
Press release follows--Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper today named Ellen Golombek, state director for America Votes to head the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. This is a move that will reassure labor interests as Hickenlooper takes office, as Golombek is a former President of the Colorado AFL-CIO, and a former Government Affairs assistant with the Service Employees International Union. Says Hickenlooper, "Ellen is a proven strategic thinker who has a collaborative work-style and extensive experience working with the labor and business communities."
Ellen Golombek named Executive Director of Department of Labor and Employment

DENVER - Monday, Jan. 3, 2011 - Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper announced today Ellen Golombek will be Executive Director of the Department of Labor and Employment.

Golombek is now Colorado State Director for America Votes, whose work around the country includes protecting every American's right to vote. She brings nearly 20 years of additional experience working on labor issues and established relationships statewide to her new role in the Hickenlooper-Garcia administration.

"Ellen is a proven strategic thinker who has a collaborative work-style and extensive experience working with the labor and business communities," Hickenlooper said. "Her work and the work of the Department of Labor and Employment will play a key role in our effort to support those looking  for or creating jobs."

Golombek worked for 14 years with the Service Employees International Union and Colorado AFL-CIO. She was elected the first woman president of the Colorado AFL-CIO in 2000 and led the successful lobbying and legislative efforts for the organization for 10 years.

"The Department of Labor and Employment is on the front line of job assistance and training, providing services to businesses and individuals," Golombek said. "It is critical that our state's workforce be trained and prepared for today's jobs and the future economy. I look forward to working with Colorado employers and individuals to meet this challenge and help with other employment-related issues large and small."

Before joining America Votes in Colorado, Golombek worked at Planned Parenthood as the National Political and Field Director in Washington, D.C., and as Vice President for External Affairs in New York. She earlier worked four years with the 1.8 million-member Service Employees International Union, where she served as the Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer and Director of Government Affairs. She managed a $65 million budget in that role.

Golombek earned a bachelor's degree in labor studies from Antioch University.


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