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Video: Arlington County Board Chair Chris Zimmerman Provides an Update

6:32 AM ET, 01/ 6/2011

Highlights from Chris Zimmerman's short overview of the state of Arlington County, presented at last night's ACDC meeting:

*Counties are struggling in the tough economy, but Arlington is faring much better - lower unemployment, lower office vacancy rate, etc. - than just about anyplace else.
*That's not an accident or just "good luck," it's a result of "many years of work...planning what we do, designing our community in a certain way, and investing in it"...being "persistent" and "intentional" and "inclusive" about what we do.
*Can't rest on our laurels or get "smug," have to keep doing the hard work, keep investing in community.
*Upcoming specifics: master transportation plan streets element, community energy plan, Columbia Pike land use and housing study (and ensure housing for everyone there), small business initiative. Also, looking at Arlington's capital budget and not "taking anything for granted."

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