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Feeling Lucky at 'Dirty Harry' Event

It was obvious from the moment I walked into the main entrance of the Convention Center that the girls distributing the free magazines and Show Daily copies were more clothed than at previous E3s. I saw a few short skirts, but there certainly was less skin today off the show floor. I haven't ventured onto the floor yet because the press conferences I attended were all off the floor today.

Clint Eastwood was on hand at the very small, invite-only news conference at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's room. The small theater only had three rows and besides 12 TV cameras, there were only a few dozen journalists in the room.

Jason Hall, senior vice president of WBIE, kicked of the presentation with some footage of a new PSP game based on the Warner Bros. film, "300." In a show of Hollywood convergence, the game is being developed with the filmmakers. The PSP-exclusive route is a new fad in Hollywood, as Vivendi Games is bringing its "Miami Vice" game out on PSP later this summer. A shorter development time allows for these types of film-based games to hit stores in time for the theatrical releases.

Then came footage of this fall's Justice League Heroes game, which ia based on the DC Comics franchise. Anyone who's ever wanted to take control of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern or the Flash in one game will get their wish from Eidos. Hall didn't mention Electronic Arts' "Superman Returns" game, which was recently delayed until fall--and will miss its summer theatrical window.

Warner showed its support of the new "Dirty Harry" game by bringing out the execs. Barry Meyer, head of Warner Bros. Pictures, and Jeff Baker, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, both gave brief talks about the relevance of the franchise. The five films have sold over 12 million units worldwide.

Then Clint stepped out, looking fit and well in front of all of the TV lights. His Malpaso Films is working with developer The Collective and WBIE on the next-generation "Dirty Harry" game. The original story takes place between the first and second films in the franchise. Through the magic of video games, Eastwood will appear as he did in the early films -- sans wrinkles.

While he didn't talk much, Eastwood did say that the game is the only way he'd be able to step back into this role. He joked that the only movie alternative would be Harry Callahan fly fishing with a .44 Magnum.

The footage shown of the new game was impressive. Clint looked and sounded good in the video, which Hall said represented the gameplay footage. The game's not due out until 2007, and Clint has yet to record the dialogue for the original story. Not many people got to see Clint at the show, so it was cool to be part of this select group. I actually met him a few years back at George Lucas's SkyWalker Ranch. It was 90 degrees and he was out jogging in a full sweatsuit, taking a break from Skywalker Sound.

By Bob Greiner  |  May 10, 2006; 4:49 PM ET  | Category:  E3: Dispatches
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