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Rocking Out at E3

The Guitar Hero guys showed a taste of their next version of the title, due out in November. Publisher Red Octane, which was just purchased by Activision, is putting a few tweaks on the next installment, such as a new type of cooperative playability.

At the Sony booth, attendees test out Guitar Hero 2 (Chris Barylick)

Mainly what people want, though, is new songs, and the company has only announced a few tracks so far, such as a classic Black Sabbath song.

Daniel Sussman, producer at Harmonix Music Systems, the company that does the music for the games, said that every band featured-- from the big names to the indies--is doing better as a result of the game's success. He counts his own band, the Acrobrats, as one beneficiary (a song from the band is featured as a purchasable track within Guitar Hero).

"There are bands that are going to have careers because of this game,"
he said, "it's awesome."

Sussman revealed a grand master plan after I managed to botch a few tracks on a demo of the next GH will sitting around on a lush tour bus the company rented for showing off the game.

"I have this personal agenda of exposing the world to good music.
That's part of what this game is about. We're exposing kids to the Ramones."

Editor's Note: Mike Musgrove recently wrote about the game for the paper.

By Editors  |  May 11, 2006; 5:52 PM ET  | Category:  E3: Game Play
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