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Turkey With a Side of Crackberry

It was about two years ago that I wrote about BlackBerry addictions wreaking etiquette-havoc in the workplace and on personal relationships. Personally, I'm so over my "crackberry," not to mention the fact I find it hard to focus on tech during a week when I have turkey on the brain.

Apparently, I'm in the minority:

T-Mobile released a survey this morning showing that a majority of people text or take calls during the holidays. Here's more from the wireless carrier's holiday survey of 1,000 users:

* 70 percent of young adults aged 18 to 22 and 56 percent of parents surveyed say they've made or answered wireless calls during a holiday gathering.

* 35 percent of young adults say they've read or sent an e-mail or text message under the dinner table.

* 67 percent of parents and young adults now agree that it is okay to use their mobile phone during gatherings.

The positive spin on this for carriers is: 1) they make more money, and 2) maybe these people are calling/texting other relatives who couldn't make it and/or are sitting out dinner because of a airline delay.

I would add a third positive: Maybe these people would otherwise go crazy sitting with their families for hours if it weren't for the lifeline to the outside world.

On the one hand, perhaps the family values police could do us a solid by swooping in an calling this gab-and-gobble phenomenon a travesty. But for those of us who much prefer cranberry to crackberry, perhaps this means more rosemary-basted golden brown turkey!

By Yuki Noguchi  |  November 20, 2006; 11:29 AM ET  | Category:  Yuki Noguchi
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"Maybe these people would otherwise go crazy sitting with their families for hours if it weren't for the lifeline to the outside world."!?
You called this a travesty. Well I feel you may have missed the point on this survey. All T-Mobile is saying is that during these times of the year text, picture and video messaging increase mainly due to families being scattered throughtout the US and abroad. These simple little gestures bring everyone a bit closer to each when they are not able to be there. I am sure people would love to be where their loved ones, especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and if they cannot then maybe that text, picture or video message is their way of saying "I miss you and wish I could be there".

Posted by: Rob - Boston, MA | November 21, 2006 7:06 PM

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