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One For The Luddites

LAS VEGAS - There are 65 million Americans who neither have nor want a computer, Mike Migliore, director of software engineering for a private California company tells me. Therein lies an ironic, yet intersting niche for a company here at a huge show featuring all manner of high tech geekery: For those, Presto makes a printer-like $149 device that you give to your non-tech, non-Internet connected friend or family member, then set up an email address for them (on a computer that the giver presumably does have).

Then the Presto printer-thing, plugged into a regular analog phone line, picks up email for them, printing out things like photos, messages, even calendar reminders and the like. Attachments? No problem, those come out in printed form, too, without a user's prompting.

By Yuki Noguchi  |  January 8, 2007; 8:58 AM ET  | Category:  CES 2007 , Yuki Noguchi
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Is Presto a breakthrough? That sounds like a fax machine which reacts to a e-mail message rather than a phone-call.

And you forgot to mention that unlike a fax machine which receives and prints for free...Presto requires a monthly subscription fee.

Out of the tons of products at CES -- Presto sounds like it should be on the "worst ideas at 2007 CES"

Posted by: Fax machine? | January 8, 2007 1:14 PM

USA Today did a story on this recently. It's a great idea for being able to send pictures of the kids to the no-tech grandparents, for example. It's essentially a midrange color inkjet printer, better print quality than a fax machine.

Posted by: Cosmo | January 8, 2007 5:48 PM

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