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Where Was This During My College Years?

LAS VEGAS - Every now and again, I find new technologies that would have saved me an awful lot of time or pain if they'd existed when I was a kid. Google's controversial book search product, for example, would have come in mighty handy when I was researching my college thesis. Instead of culling through millions of books for mentions of my obscure topic, To think I could have just Googled.

This year's deluge of press releases in advance of this week's Consumer Electronics Show gives me other examples. A company called Planon Systems Solutions, for example, is demonstrating its pen-sized color scanner, called the DocuPen R700+, a device that allegedly scans a full page of text and graphics in four seconds. You just take the pen, glide it over a page, and voila. The pen comes with flash memory that stores up to 200 pages of documents, which can then be downloaded into computer through a USB. This makes me ponder all the time I spent note-taking, or standing in front of a Xerox machine trying to line up documents to get the proper margins.

By Yuki Noguchi  |  January 7, 2007; 7:35 PM ET  | Category:  CES 2007 , Yuki Noguchi
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