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Archive: September 2007

Halo 3 First Look

I invited some friends over to play some Halo 3 this weekend after Microsoft sent an early review copy of the game on Friday. The group review: Halo 3 is some pretty good stuff. If you liked the first two, you'll like this one. If feels almost exactly like playing...

By Mike Musgrove | September 24, 2007; 11:18 AM ET | Comments (13)

Halo 3: PR-a-palooza

Microsoft ain't holding back in the marketing for Halo 3, as I've already reported. My copy of the game came today. It was packed in a huge military-green duffle bag that had my name stamped on it. Packed inside: A set of personalized dog tags, a first aid kit and...

By Mike Musgrove | September 21, 2007; 5:20 PM ET | Comments (2)

Will Telecommuting Save the Planet?

Using electronic devices to telecommute saves enough energy to power 1 million U.S. households for a year, according to a study released today by the Consumer Electronics Association. The study, which was commissioned by the CEA and conducted by TIAX LLC of Cambridge, Mass., found that "just one day of...

By Kim Hart | September 19, 2007; 10:07 AM ET | Comments (10)

Apple Offers Up The IPhone Rebate

Apple has posted a page at its site where all those early iPhone buyers can get that $100 rebate promised last week. In case you missed it, people who forked over $600 in order to have one of the first 8-gig iPhones got irate last week when Apple chief executive...

By Mike Musgrove | September 14, 2007; 12:49 PM ET | Comments (23)

AT&T Touts its Mobile Abilities

If being the exclusive carrier of the much-hyped iPhone wasn't enough to solidify AT&T's place in the wireless world, the company is launching a new marketing campaign today to flaunt it's mobile-centric attributes. Since the company absorbed Cingular Wireless last year--a merger that created the nation's biggest wireless provider--AT&T has...

By Kim Hart | September 11, 2007; 7:13 AM ET | Comments (6)

IPhone Price Cut Annoys Some

Update: A letter penned by Apple chief executive Steve Jobs and posted to the company's Web site is apologizing to early iPhone buyers and promises that a $100 Apple store credit is on the way. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ One of my colleagues was in an Apple...

By Mike Musgrove | September 6, 2007; 12:13 PM ET | Comments (0)

New Senate Bill Aimed at Wireless Carriers

Two senators today announced their plans to introduce a bill aimed at improving wireless service for cellphone users. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), the authors of what they call the Cellphone Consumer Empowerment Act, are both members of the Senate Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over the wireless...

By Kim Hart | September 6, 2007; 12:11 PM ET | Comments (5)

Apple announces an iPhone-like iPod

Owners of Apple's latest iPod will be able to purchase and download music from iTunes wirelessly, thanks to a new line of players the company introduced this afternoon. The latest high-end digital music players will also feature touch sensitive screens and look much like the company's recently-introduced line of iPhone...

By Mike Musgrove | September 5, 2007; 2:56 PM ET | Comments (0)

Apple's Announcement: The Countdown

Apple is set to make some sort of announcement today... about what, we dunno just yet. In its customary fashion, Apple hasn't said what to expect. Most of the guesswork going on at popular Mac news sites centers around updates to the iPod line, which seems a pretty safe bet...

By Mike Musgrove | September 5, 2007; 11:52 AM ET | Comments (0)


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