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Archive: December 2007

Advertisers May Find Big Value in Smaller Sites.

You may have seen my story from Saturday about niche social networking sites, which are starting to grab a share of advertising dollars. Marketers have been flocking to the flashy networks like MySpace and Facebook to get access to the millions of members that log on every day. But to...

By Kim Hart | December 31, 2007; 1:46 PM ET | Comments (5) | TrackBack (2)

We Have a Wii Story Winner

Thanks to everybody who contributed a story about victoriously landing a Wii this holiday season! Hopefully, the tales you shared under a previous blog entry gave others some sound strategies for finding a Wii duing the last weekend before Christmas. (Or, alternately, I hope these tales inspired people to give...

By Mike Musgrove | December 24, 2007; 11:50 AM ET | Comments (0)

Cellphones: Blackholes of Entertainment

For the Millennial generation, which is made up of 13-24 year olds, the cellphone has become the "black hole" of entertainment--they suck everything toward it. That's according to a survey commissioned by Deloitte & Touche released this week. Not surprisingly, this generation is most active when it comes to producing...

By Kim Hart | December 21, 2007; 6:58 AM ET | Comments (3)

Wii Watch: Dec 20

Hello out there. Just wanna say: I don't know how you can get your hands on a Wii, sorry. Best I can do is refer you to the booming number of sites loaded up with useful Wii stock-tracking widgets or helpful tips supplied from the trenches. Looks like people are...

By Mike Musgrove | December 20, 2007; 11:34 AM ET | Comments (55)

Teens Rule the Web

Fueled by new technologies and social networking sites, teenagers continue to lead the pack in creating content on the Web. According to a study released yesterday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 64 percent of online teenagers ages 12 to 17 engage in at least one type of...

By Kim Hart | December 20, 2007; 6:57 AM ET | Comments (0)

Bidders Line Up for Wireless Auction

A wide variety of companies are taking their places along the starting line of the big federal auction of wireless airwaves that will start next month. Among the 96 potential bidders that have been approved to participate are some unlikely candidates, and many you've never heard of. The Federal Communications...

By Kim Hart | December 19, 2007; 10:25 AM ET | Comments (0)

Head of FTC Won't Recuse from Google Deal

Deborah Platt Majoras, the head of the Federal Trade Commission, said today she won't recuse herself from reviewing Google's purchase of DoubleClick, leading some analysts to believe that the deal will be approved. The Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy said in a petition Wednesday that...

By Kim Hart | December 14, 2007; 3:10 PM ET | Comments (0)

Questions for Google

The ranking Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to Google's chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt yesterday, posing some rather pointed questions about the proposed merger of Google and DoubleClick. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) and other Republican members of the Consumer Protection Subcommittee first expressed concern...

By Kim Hart | December 13, 2007; 5:45 AM ET | Comments (0)

Cellphone Ads on the Way

Mobile advertising has been pegged by many as the next great way to reach consumers. And it could rewrite the current cellphone business model. Yesterday I had the chance to sit down with Mark Ein, founder and CEO of VentureHouse Group in D.C. He's invested in a wide range of...

By Kim Hart | December 12, 2007; 11:13 AM ET | Comments (0)

Up and Running Again

Some of you may have noticed that Post I.T. has been dark for a couple months. Well, that's about to change. I've been writing about technology for the Post for a while now, and I'm shifting gears to focus on news coming out of the Web 2.0 world--and how it's...

By Kim Hart | December 12, 2007; 10:50 AM ET | Comments (0)


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