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The Transportation Security Administration is really listening -- and responding -- to travelers' online gripes.

The agency's new blog, Evolution of Security, went up on Jan. 30. and was almost immediately flooded by angry rants in the comments section.

And TSA bloggers, to the surprise of some readers, are weighing in on some of the complaints. Reader "Anonymous" wrote: "My concern is germs!!! Not everybody has clean feet. I do not want a foot fungus because some other passenger didn't take care of their feet. It's bad enough to hear about the misfortunes of people from nail salons; we have to worry about the airports too???"

Less than three hours later, TSA blogger "Nico" responded with a hygiene study: "Germs aren't an issue. We had Health and Human Services study this issue for us back in 2003 and their findings were there are no more germs on airport floors than there are in the gym or any average locker room. HHS specifically said in their Aug. 12, 2003 letter, the chances of disease spreading are 'extremely small to remote.'"

Blogger LT Nixon asked TSA about a personal experience when he, along with other military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, was traveling from Kuwait to Atlanta during a 2-week R&R period. Why did they need to undress and go through security again in Atlanta?

The same day, "tsa tos ny" read his gripe on the Web site and wrote back a lengthy message saying, "As a TSA Screening Manager I would 1st like to apologize for the fact that we have to screen you at all and would just like to say that the screening force more than respects the active duty military personnel."

--Kendra Marr

By Sara Goo  |  February 27, 2008; 7:11 AM ET  | Category:  Kendra Marr
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In the interest of taxpayer dollars and everyone's time, hopefully the good folks at the TSA will re-think their politically correct policy of "Equal Screening for All".

Posted by: LT Nixon | February 28, 2008 9:59 AM

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