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Archive: CES 2007

Posted at 11:19 AM ET, 01/12/2007

Found in DC: More CES Video

Don't you love the pleasant surprise when you come home from a long trip, upload your digital photos to your computer and realize there's some pretty good shots there. Well, we found some pretty good video on the CES camcorder - and while the show has already made its way into the history books, we thought we'd share these clips anyway.

Did you see the picture that accompanied my column in today's paper - the one of the Blues Brothers impersonators pushing LG Electronics' dual-format high-definition DVD player? Wondering what they're singing? (Hint: it's not Soul Man.) Click here for a video clip of the performance and the crowd that gathered around to watch.

If you're a company like Intel, which makes the computer chips that go into computers, what sort of products do you display in your CES booth. PCs, of course. Intel had computers of all shapes and sizes, including one of a football helmet PC (and no, it wasn't the Redskins.) Take a look at a video clip of Intel's display by clicking here.

LOUD. That's the best way to describe the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. A number of car audio companies brought in some cool cars and monster trucks and tricked them out with high-end sound systems. Take a look at the video clip by clicking here. Watch your volume control.

Sometimes, sales technique is everything. CES is not justabout showcasing new products. It's also a marketplace where you can pick up low-cost USB drives, cables and other electronics accessories. One vendor says sales have been strong at this year's show. Check out the short clip by clicking here.

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Posted at 10:00 PM ET, 01/11/2007

Your Very Own CES Podcast

A compilation of sounds, interviews and audio reports by Rob Pegoraro and Yuki Noguchi is the featured "From the Pages of The Washington Post" daily podcast for Friday, Jan. 12.

You can download the podcast through iTunes or by visiting

Or take a listen by clicking here.

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Posted at 5:00 PM ET, 01/11/2007

A Final Thought From McCarran International Airport

LAS VEGAS - One promising HDTV technology on display at last year's CES has vanished from sight this year. Neither Canon nor Toshiba were showing off any of the screens based on SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) technology that they had displayed last year. A January ago, this system had been praised for combining the deep blacks and fast response times of plasma and the brightness of LCD. Where'd it go? The best guess: The tumble in flat-panel prices will make the first, inevitably expensive round of SED screens look pricey in comparison, so somebody needs to hack away at those costs

Another TV-tech contender - one so far confined to the tiny screens of cell phones and other portable devices - may be getting closer to commercial reality. Sony demonstrated some beautiful prototype OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens, in 11- and 27-inch sizes. Their depth of color was unmistakable - Sony touted a million-to-one contrast ratio - but the amazing thing here was the extreme thinness of these sets. I took a ruler to the side of one of the 11-inch models: it was 1/8th of an inch thick. You could tape this screen to the inside of a cabinet door.

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Posted at 3:00 PM ET, 01/11/2007

Making Your Own HD Video

LAS VEGAS - Tired of waiting for high-definition content on your TV? Maybe you should make your own. Panasonic shows off its High-Definition camcorder at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Check out the video clip here...

Reporter: Rob Pegoraro - The Washington Post

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Posted at 2:00 PM ET, 01/11/2007

Can't Keep A Steady Hand?

LAS VEGAS - The folks at Panasonic have put a spinning wheel on the floor in front of their booth to demonstrate the image stabilization feature on their digital cameras. Stand on the wheel with a camera and take a picture of the mock beach scene in the booth. Check out the video clip below.

Reporter: Rob Pegoraro - The Washington Post

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The Hottest Item at CES?

LAS VEGAS - There's been a steady flow of traffic around one particular product - the Sharp 108-inch TV. So far, the company has only produced four of them - and they were all at CES. The company says they will become available in 2007 and it anticipates that there...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 11, 2007; 01:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

CES Show Floor or Mid-Town Manhattan?

LAS VEGAS - Navigating the show floor of the Consumer Electronics Show isn't easy. The aisles are crowded with people who are gawking and staring at the coolest new products, ducking into corners to take a cell phone call or hammer out an email on a Blackberry. Here's a sneak...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 11, 2007; 12:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Putting Tech to the Test

LAS VEGAS - Those of you who have followed this blog for the week may have noticed that there really weren't many images the first day or so. There's a reason for that - and a few people to thank for making sure that my digital photos were transmitted from...

By | January 10, 2007; 04:00 PM ET | Comments (1)

A Walking AMD Ad

LAS VEGAS - AMD has hired people to walk around the entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center with these monitors strapped to their backs. This guy told me that the whole setup weighs 35 lbs. It can't be an easy job, especially when competing for attention with the guitarist...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 10, 2007; 03:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Static and Electronics Don't Mix

LAS VEGAS - You can learn the strangest things around the show floor. While checking out some LCDs at the Westinghouse Digital booth, I picked up a shock by touching a shelf. I told the rep that I was surprised this hadn't happened more often, and she said that people...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 10, 2007; 02:50 PM ET | Comments (0)

Help With Digital TV Recording

LAS VEGAS - Do you want to be able to record digital-TV broadcasts off the air and take your recordings with you? Help is on the way. Companies are finally showing off DVD recorders that include the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) tuner needed to receive a digital signal. For...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 10, 2007; 12:15 PM ET | Comments (1)

Furry Friends For Phones

LAS VEGAS - Amid all the hot tech booths, one of the most popular turns out to be non-tech., which has retail deals with Verizon Wireless and Claire's accessory stores, makes stuffed-animal cell phone covers that work on just about any flip phone. Pink monkeys, cute cats, bovines...

By | January 10, 2007; 11:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

The FCC's role at CES

LAS VEGAS - FCC chairman Kevin Martin and commissioner Deborah Tate are walking the show floor and visiting with some of the major firms here. Some just showed off their latest hardware, but others have policy goals. Hitachi and Intel separately asked for government intervention to establish an open market...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 10, 2007; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (2)

Audio Blog: U.S. Secretary of Commerce at CES

LAS VEGAS - Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez joined me for an audio blog today. Some criticize the US for falling behind on broadband deployment. In response, Gutierrez said, the number of high speed Internet users in the country is high and growing. "we are moving fast so we can...

By | January 10, 2007; 06:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Your Favorite Video On TV? Not Always.

Devices to put Internet content on your TV are suddenly popular at CES. And away from it: Apple's new $299 "Apple TV," announced this morning in San Francisco, should make it a lot easier to watch iTunes movie downloads on your HDTV. But will you be able to watch anything...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 9, 2007; 04:30 PM ET | Comments (1)

Cars That Get You

love the Toyota Prius, but it doesn't really get me. It comes with voice-recognition navigation that thinks I'm looking for a post office or a bank when I tell it to "go home." Not so with the new Microsoft Sync systems in the Lincoln Navigator I tested. The software...

By | January 9, 2007; 01:30 PM ET | Comments (3)

Flying Without A Plane

LAS VEGAS - The modern joystick apparently has gotten so good that there are international flight-simulation competitions won by people who can't fly an actual plane. "I'm a pilot and this is realistic," said Rob Gebauer, national sales manager for Saitek Industries, a company that makes an increasing amount of...

By | January 9, 2007; 11:00 AM ET | Comments (1)

Come On In

LAS VEGAS - The tents outside the convention halls, where companies like Microsoft and Yahoo have set up shop have gotten more elaborate over the years. This year, in an attempt to draw in people to their tent to check out its new mobile service, Yahoo offered free custom-made ice...

By | January 9, 2007; 08:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

Lost In Vegas

The best booth layouts ("booth" being a grotesque understatement of their size) have a lot in common with casino layouts. Both send you around corners and in circles, disorienting you until you're surrounded only by the flashiest, loudest stuff - exhibits or games. Either way, this can be a good...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 9, 2007; 07:15 AM ET | Comments (1)

No News But An Impressive Demo

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger's keynote yesterday was a little short on news - alright, it was almost devoid of any, such as details about the success of Disney's movie downloads at Apple's iTunes Store. (Something tells me those numbers will come out tomorrow at Steve Jobs' opening keynote...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 9, 2007; 06:00 AM ET | Comments (1)

Leaving CES is Never Easy

The scene outside the main entrance of the Las Vegas Convention Center is always a bit hectic as the Consumer Electronics Show comes to an end for the day. The cab lines are notoriously long. The Las Vegas monorail looks a lot like Washington's Metro Center station at 5 p.m....

By Rob Pegoraro | January 8, 2007; 09:02 PM ET | Comments (1)

HDTV News for 2007: Lower Prices

LAS VEGAS - How much cheaper can HDTVs get? Not everybody wants to throw out predictions -- after all, no one wants to risk sending a signal to consumers that they should put away their credit cards until fall? But a couple of executives ventured some numbers. Panasonic's Masaru Kono,...

By Rob Pegoraro | January 8, 2007; 06:45 PM ET | Comments (0)

Mobile Search, Non-Google Style

LAS VEGAS - At 26, Zaw Thet looks more like a tanned California surfer than the 26-year-old CEO of, a two and a half year old mobile search company. 4Info, based out of Palo Alto, Calif., so far has only focused mostly on text search --- a service also...

By | January 8, 2007; 04:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Tadpole For The IPod

Does your iPod say "girl power"? Or perhaps it's more "Skullz"? Or maybe it has more of the "Urban2" vibe? One company, iFrogz, launched in March of last year selling rubber outfits for iPods with these sorts of names. The product is a silicone skins in 38 colors, accompanied by...

By | January 8, 2007; 03:30 PM ET | Comments (0)

Digital Experience Highlights

LAS VEGAS - Random highlights from the Digital Experience show, which on Sunday night filled a hall at Caesar's Palace with dozens of exhibits from various tech companies: * A thick Bluetooth watch from Sony Ericsson that alerts you of new calls and text messages. Yeah, kind of ridiculous --...

By editors | January 8, 2007; 02:10 PM ET | Comments (0)

From WTWP Radio

Rob Pegoraro spoke with Washington Post Radio this morning, live from the Consumer Electronics Show. Yuki Noguchi is scheduled to hit the airwaves for another broadcast from CES today at 4:52 p.m. Tune into Washington Post Radio on 1500 AM or 107.7 FM. Or Listen Live at To listen...

By | January 8, 2007; 01:07 PM ET | Comments (0)

It's Tech Week, Not Fashion Week

Bill Gates' keynote was free of crashes, stalls, hangs and the other usual consequences of showing off software that isn't finished yet. But in another aspect, the keynote was vintage Gates: He still won't waste time on prettying himself up for an occasion. Once again, his hair was in its...

By | January 8, 2007; 10:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

One For The Luddites

LAS VEGAS - There are 65 million Americans who neither have nor want a computer, Mike Migliore, director of software engineering for a private California company tells me. Therein lies an ironic, yet intersting niche for a company here at a huge show featuring all manner of high tech geekery:...

By | January 8, 2007; 08:58 AM ET | Comments (2)

Bill Gates Delivers 11th CES Keynote Speech

LAS VEGAS -- Microsoft's big push for consumers this year is the "connected experience" and the company sent its chairman and Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates, to Las Vegas to highlight it at the 40th International Consumer Electronics Show. Gates took to the stage at the Venetian Hotel and Casino...

By | January 8, 2007; 02:39 AM ET | Comments (1)

What About The Competition?

LAS VEGAS - When you back one technology and not a competing alternative, do you actually want to advertise that alternative's existence? Maybe not, to judge from Sony and Panasonic's press conferences. Both managed to tout their Blu-Ray high-definition video-disc players without once mentioning the rival, incompatible HD DVD format....

By | January 7, 2007; 09:30 PM ET | Comments (0)

Where Was This During My College Years?

LAS VEGAS - Every now and again, I find new technologies that would have saved me an awful lot of time or pain if they'd existed when I was a kid. Google's controversial book search product, for example, would have come in mighty handy when I was researching my college...

By | January 7, 2007; 07:35 PM ET | Comments (1)

Cabs That Look Like Metro Trains

LAS VEGAS - Here in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show, no advertising opportunity is wasted. Taxicabs at the airport come entirely wrapped in corporate insignias for things like Microsoft's new Windows Vista. The effect is much like Washington's Metro cars that are covered in ads to be seen...

By | January 7, 2007; 06:58 PM ET | Comments (0)

Blogging From the Runway

LAS VEGAS - Sent from the runway at McCarren International Airport. As we taxi into our gate, here are some fun facts about CES, just to keep its size in perspective. The estimated attendance of CES is expected to be 140,000, more than enough to clog I-66 at rush hour...

By | January 7, 2007; 03:45 PM ET | Comments (1)

Welcome to Tech Week

This week, the Post I.T. blog becomes home to continuous news updates from Las Vegas, where the International Consumer Electronics Show is getting ready to open. Along the way, we'll be keeping you posted on announcements out of Macworld in San Francisco, as well. The Post's Yuki Noguchi and Rob...

By | January 7, 2007; 03:00 PM ET | Comments (0)


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