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When Lilacs Last Bloomed

Joe Holley

The Washington Post covers the waning days of the poet Walt Whitman (Dec. 21, 1891-March 27, 1892)

"Walt Whitman Dying: The Good Gray Poet is Beyond Hope of Recovery" (Dec. 21, 1891)
"Walt Whitman Weaker" (Dec. 24)
"Walt Whitman's End Near" (Dec. 25)
"Walt Whitman Rallies" (Dec. 26)
"Walt Whitman Sinking Fast" (Dec. 27)
"At A Dying Poet's Bedside: Walt Whitman Slowly Growing Weaker and the End is Near" (Dec. 28)
"Walt Whitman Grows Stronger" (Dec. 29)
"Walt Whitman Is Better" (Dec. 30)
"Walt Whitman May See No One" (Jan. 4)
"Walt Whitman Fondles an Infant" (Jan. 5)
"Walt Whitman Holds His Own" (Jan. 11)
"Walt Whitman's Escape from Death" (Jan. 18)
"Walt Whitman Worse" (March 1)
"WALT WHITMAN DEAD" (March 27, 1892)

By Joe Holley |  February 15, 2008; 9:57 AM ET  | Category:  Joe Holley
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