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Robert Wone Murder Case

Matt Schudel

In case you haven't seen it, Paul Duggan has written a remarkable story for The Post about one of the most mystifying murders in Washington in recent years -- the killing of Robert Wone. Duggan's two-part story retelling the 2006 murder of a young lawyer in a townhouse near Dupont Circle is one of the most thorough jobs of sheer reporting at this paper in a long time. (The story appears only online, not in the actual newspaper.) Duggan's Q&A with readers addresses other interesting issues concerning the case.

Duggan's story raises all kinds of questions about how Wone's death occurred, various theories of who might be responsible for this unsolved mystery and whether the police botched certain aspects of the investigation.

As it happens, I wrote an obituary of Robert Wone shortly after his death. We didn't sign our obituaries in those days, so my name doesn't appear on the story, but I spoke to Robert Wone's young widow, Kathy Yu Wone. She must have been in horrible shock, but she was very composed and patient and insisted on having a proper obituary for her husband. I explained that with a major news story of this kind, many of the details of Robert Wone's life would already be described in the stories surrounding his death and, therefore, we wouldn't customarily write an obituary. I also explained that we had to address the cause of death -- in this case, death by stabbing -- but she said that was okay.

Here is the obituary of Robert Eric Wone that I prepared almost three years ago. One of the saddest parts of this job is writing about young people whose lives were ended before they had the chance to fulfill their promise.

By Matt Schudel |  June 2, 2009; 3:14 PM ET  | Category:  Matt Schudel , Washington DC-area people
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