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The Daily Goodbye

Patricia Sullivan

We have a double compare-and-contrast game this morning. Karl Malden's obit in
the Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times. And then there's boxer-politician Alexis Arguello from your favorite news organization, or the Grey Lady or the Left Coast. Comments, critiques, collective dismissals are up to you.

After those celebrities, we have a handful of regular folks this morning, all of whom made their own mark, without drawing the attention of the whole world.

Ira J. Miller did a lot of good for kids with disabilities in the Chicago area by helping create the Little City Foundation.

Phillip Simmons, an artist in iron, was a popular blacksmith in Charleston, S.C. whose work punctuates the city, and other cities around the world. A recent effort to catalog his work turned up more than 500 separate iron gates, fences, columns, window grills and other works and that doesn't include the pokers, tools, and shutter dogs that Simmons also crafted to make a living.

Joe Bowman described himself in a nickname -- Straight Shooter. A Houston bootmaker turned shooting expert whose marksmanship drew the attention of some of the Hollywood stars he had revered, including Roy Rogers and John Wayne, died earlier this week.

If someone asked Maurice Hinton for a handout, the Philly Daily News' John F. Morrison reports, he would say, "I won't give you money but I'll give you a day's work."

So if you have work, time to get to it. See you tomorrow.

By Patricia Sullivan |  July 2, 2009; 8:10 AM ET  | Category:  Patricia Sullivan , The Daily Goodbye
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