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Just Michael and Me

Joe Holley

Ok, I never interviewed Michael Jackson, never met him, never attended an MJ concert -- although my music-producer daughter worked with him a few times. That's as close as I can get to being a part of the goofy journalistic phenomenon Jack Shafer explores in his "Press Box" column for Slate: reporters falling all over themselves to recall their encounters with the dead pop star, no matter how long ago, no matter how trivial.

Shafer mentions a syndicated columnist who remembers interviewing Jackson 30 years ago, a reporter who recalls the King of Pop hanging up on him, a veteran newsman who writes of being promised a Jackson interview and, alas, not getting it.

So how about it, dear reader? You can play too. Maybe you didn't ride the Ferris wheel at Neverland, MJ in the gondola beside you, or maybe you didn't stroll door-to-door with him during his Jehovah's Witness childhood -- I like to imagine him moon-walking house to house, religious tracts in hand -- but maybe you at least have a six-degrees-of-separation story you've been telling friends lately. (Maybe your flight into Santa Barbara flew over Neverland and just maybe you spotted far below a slender fellow frolicking with what looked like a chimp.) Care to share it with us? .

By Joe Holley |  July 2, 2009; 3:02 PM ET  | Category:  Joe Holley
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First I would like to thank the Lord for blessing us with such a precious and genius man whom was truly a humanitarian whom loved all. My prayers goes out to the Jackson family in this time of lost. Yet , I am mindful that the Lord don't make no mistakes. Michael was truly a gift from the Lord despite the all that he may have went through. In life we all have to go through in order for us to get too that place which is designed for us. Michael was a "child of the light" and not all will know a child of the light if they are not on that accord in which they travel. Love you Michael into eternity, thank you God for blessing him with us when you then. Praises to God...Amen. As you may all remember, this same very cruel world mistreated Jesus Christ and I am sure that Michael Jackson knew his reason as to why the Lord placed him here and He is loved worldwide, so "love" truly dominated his agenda in his earthly journey***RIP MICHAEL...JOB WELL DONE.

Posted by: Nisey01 | July 3, 2009 9:47 PM

Michael was a bless spirit , an innocent spirit sharing his clean cut music with no respector of persons. His music had a universal meaning in it, a meaning of love and a message on one accord to unite all in love. Not that hard core music that cause people to self destruct in no means, just sweet humanitarian music unniting souls worldwide on one accord. Thank you God for blessing us with such a gift as you did with Michael. In life none will live forever, yet while one live, live it in love and that is what Michael did despite all that he may have went through, "as surely as we all liveth, we shall all die". Love you Michael into eternity...for I know you were a "child of the light". The world couldn't do you no harm, for your soul was anchored in the Lord and your music displayed that as well...worldwide...everywhere...Job well done(((I THANK HE KNEW THAT))).

Posted by: Nisey01 | July 3, 2009 9:50 PM

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