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The Daily Goodbye

Good morning, and I hope you survived "Terrible Traffic Tuesday."

Pretty slow news day for interesting obits, but here are a few.

Rocky Bridges spent only nine years on the San Jose, Calif. police department, but he earned a legendary reputation. He survived an ambush by armed robbers, and years later won a furious hand-to-hand struggle with a suspect for his partner's gun. "The military has Audie Murphy. We have Rocky Bridges," said one of his fellow cops after his funeral.

John Mayo's hands were corroded from the soap he used to wash his farm's milk bottles, and he used Vaseline to preserve his skin from the blazing sun that would beat down on him in the farmyard. When bottled milk deliveries fell out of favor, he transformed his dairy farm into horse stables, although he continued to wear his old deliveryman's clothes. He was 81 when he died.

"Before there was a straight-gay alliance in America, there was Al Gordon," said a Los Angeles activist, reflecting on the life of a lawyer who delved into pro bono work on behalf of homosexuals after learning his twin sons were gay.

By Patricia Sullivan |  September 8, 2009; 8:20 AM ET
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