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Limerick Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our PostPartisan campaign limerick contest yesterday. We saw unprecedented turnout -- with close to 300 entries. And it was a tough race. But the votes have been counted and the results are in. After the jump are our eight honorable mentions, our runner-up (who will receive a commemorative edition of today's Post) and our winner (who will get an original Toles cartoon).

Honorable Mentions

No greater survivor there can surely be
than John McCain, Vietnam pilot and detainee
but even a veteran of crashes
couldn’t escape from the ashes
of the smoldering wreckage of Bush forty three

An Irish-American mama
Said to her priest, "Father Thomma,
How can I choose
Twixt the reds and the blues?"
He quickly replied, "Vote O'Bama."

When engaged in a contest political
Running mate choice is most critical
Avoid giggles and winks
Pick a partner who thinks,
And possesses some skills analytical

They said that Obama lacked "tough"--
Too smooth when the going got rough.
But they didn't know,
To win the whole show,
Speak softly and carry a Plouffe.

A wink and a not and he let
A barracuda inside of his jet
Now he’s bit and he’s bleeding
His polls are receding
If only he'd called for a vet!

"It's the economy, stupid" they say,
'Cept for McCain on that fateful Fall day.
Did it cost him the crown?
Or is Palin the clown,
Who cares - we enjoyed Tina Fey!

The Republican menu lacked drama,
So they served up a hot hockey mama.
But red meat on high heels
Is an unhealthy meal,
So, no thanks, I’ll be having Obama!

In the land of red, white and blue,
Rode a man who was black/white and new,
People questioned his range
When he named his horse "Change,"
But that steed drove him straight, drove him true.


This limerick is written by Palin,
And I'm just gonna ignore your liberal media "gotcha" rules and requirements
About rhyming, which is also
A socialist agenda
So too and also in my experience
As a mayor of the buckets of job creation
I can see Russia from my house


McCain's new best friend, Joe the Plumber
Is having his Indian Summer
He soon hopes to be
On a country CD
And probably driving a Hummer

By Marisa Katz  | November 5, 2008; 7:00 PM ET
Tags:  Marisa Katz  
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Imagine, please do, my surprise
When I awoke on this day to surmise
That Obama supporters
Were Anti-Gay voters
And Prop 8's now law here, Oh my!

A Disappointed Californian

Posted by: Omyobama | November 5, 2008 7:55 PM | Report abuse

My state, a bellwether, it's said,
Was was not called when I went to bed.
We did all we could do.
Show-Me didn't go blue,
But it went for the longest un-read.

Posted by: martymar123 | November 6, 2008 6:51 AM | Report abuse

Our dreams have finally come true
That a black man has made it through
Beating out McCain
Who is arguably insane
For choosing Palin, his Number Two

Posted by: timsimms | November 6, 2008 8:02 AM | Report abuse

There once lived a man McCain
Who I tell you, had lost his brain
His downfall, you see
Was to be Bush #3
But the people refused more of the same

Posted by: timsimms | November 6, 2008 8:10 AM | Report abuse


My acceptance speech cannot be nearly as eloquent as that of a certain President-elect, but thanks to the obviously perspicacious voters - there was a lot of excellent material submitted (and some of my favorites are indeed included above).

Thanks again - hey, do I get to pick my Toles? (grin)

Posted by: busstopboxer | November 6, 2008 8:24 AM | Report abuse

I'd like to congratulate the winner, the runner up, and my fellows of honorable mention.
May we all enjoy our 15 seconds of fame during such an historic event. Thanks for joining in the fun; and thanks to the Post for running and judging the contest.

Oh, we should all join in sending some token of thanks to Ms Palin, who made it so easy to find humor in this election. Perhaps a copy of the United States Constitution or a world map would be appropriate.

Posted by: slenon | November 6, 2008 12:05 PM | Report abuse

Wow, I'm honored to get the runner-up. I really enjoyed reading all of the entries. They were a bright spot in a day of great anticipation and anxiety over the election.

Posted by: bgraham1 | November 6, 2008 2:02 PM | Report abuse

congrats to the winners! this was definitely a fun way to pass the time before the polls closed on tuesday!

Posted by: KenFromCalifornia | November 6, 2008 4:07 PM | Report abuse

From New Hampshire to lands far away
They were fighting non-stop night and day.
Battle raged for two years
We've seen blood, sweat and tears
Who's come out on top? Tina Fey!

Posted by: BillyZ | November 6, 2008 4:47 PM | Report abuse

Thanks for the congrats from the other great contenders!

Replying to Marisa Katz at the Post (who emailed for my postal address), I essayed the following:

The limerick contest was sensational
Though some entries were quite confrontational
But there was no doubt
Busstopboxer won out
Next stop: The Style Invitational?

Posted by: busstopboxer | November 6, 2008 7:02 PM | Report abuse

loved the Runner-Up, so germane (which incidentally is not in the country of Africa)

Posted by: bubbuh | November 7, 2008 5:22 PM | Report abuse

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