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Carl Paladino is out of his (New York State of) mind

All of you who thought New York State was a bastion of true blue liberals, meet Carl Paladino. The candidate for the Republican nomination for governor who is a favorite of the Tea Party movement clicked himself into a mess of trouble, of the race and sex variety. And let me warn you, if you click on the link to the website that broke the story be prepared to be shocked.

The Buffalo businessman who sought the endorsement of the state's family values oriented Conservative Party was already in the news for the revelation of a 10-year-old love child. Now comes his penchant for forwarding emails that feature naked women, bestiality,the N-word and racist depictions of blacks in general and the president and first lady of the United States in particular. One of Paladino's friends courageously called him out on this. "It's one thing to not like Obama's policies," Jim wrote. "It's another to be a flat-out rascist [sic]." Paladino's response was "i apologize to you and everyone if that was offensive. to me its [sic] just humor." (Like me, he's all lowercase with his friends.)

Paladino struck a tiny note of contrition yesterday. "I confess to being human and imperfect, as are all of God's children," he said yesterday. In a twist on the some-of-my-best-friends defense, he added, "I am proud that I've created hundreds of jobs and opportunity for people of every ethnicity, color and sexual preference." Orientation, Mr. Paladino. Orientation! But he was defiant about his e-peddling of porn. "I say this to the men out there who have never opened a graphic image on the Internet: Don't vote for me. For those who have, I welcome your vote." Somehow I don't see that as a voting bloc that Paladino's opponents, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy and former Rep. Rick Lazio, will openly or actively court.

By Jonathan Capehart  | April 13, 2010; 3:41 PM ET
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what the hell is going on with this country?

David Duke should've waited a few years before he started his political career. He would fit right in with today's GOP.

Posted by: Please_Fix_VAs_Roads | April 13, 2010 4:46 PM | Report abuse

I love the "if that was offensive" pseudo-apology that politicians pull from the playbook. How about apologizing "BECAUSE that was offensive."

On the other hand, it's refreshing when racist tea baggers show their true colors instead of hiding behind issues they don't understand. Paint a Hitler mustache on that horse! (oops - wrong end.)

Go Cuomo!

Posted by: achamblee | April 13, 2010 5:07 PM | Report abuse

Racism, bestiality and teabaggery! Dude really hit the trifecta.

Posted by: laboo | April 13, 2010 5:21 PM | Report abuse

How apt he comes from Buffalo:

'Ma, Ma, where's my Pa? Gone to Albany, Ha! Ha! Ha!'

Posted by: 1EgoNemo | April 13, 2010 5:48 PM | Report abuse

From the Internets:

"It was in the July 21st edition that the Buffalo Evening Telegraph dropped a bombshell into the presidential campaign of 1884. Under the banner of "A Terrible Tale," the Telegraph announced to the world "The Pitiful Story of Maria Halpin and Governor Cleveland's Son." The story was that Democratic presidential candidate Grover Cleveland, a bachelor, had had an affair resulting in the birth of a son.
Cleveland's primary supporters and campaign staff asked if it was true, and he said that it was indeed so. When asked how to handle it in the campaign, he said, "Tell the truth." The relationship was admitted
but downplayed. After all, they said, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton were capable but wayward men as well.
The actual story was that Maria Halpin, a widow in her mid-30s, had moved to Buffalo, New York, in the early 1870s. She became involved with a number of men, including a 36-year-old attorney named Grover Cleveland. By the end of 1873 she was pregnant.
Maria claimed that Cleveland was the father, although there was no way to prove it one way or another. However, Cleveland was a bachelor while the other paternity candidates were married. When the child was born in September 1874 she named him Oscar Folsom Cleveland. (Oscar Folsom
was Cleveland's law partner.)
Despite uncertainty Cleveland decided to accept paternity. He had less to lose than other possibilities. He acknowledged the boy and provided for his support. When one of his campaign leaders tried to publicly blame the deceased Oscar Folsom as the father, Cleveland had the story squelched.
Not long after the birth Maria began drinking heavily, and Cleveland had a judge commit her to an insane asylum and the child to an orphanage. He paid the orphanage expenses of $5 per week. When Maria was released, Cleveland had her set up in a business in Niagara Falls. Later she tried unsuccessfully to get custody of her son, and he was placed for adoption with a family. Cleveland paid her $500 and she left town. The son grew up to become a medical doctor.
The Republicans used the campaign slogan, "Ma Ma, Where's my Pa?" The controversy about public service and private morality raged across the nation. The choice was between a man of personal immorality and public service integrity (Grover Cleveland) and one of a model family man guilty of using public office for personal gain (James G. Blaine). Cleveland narrowly won. After his election the Democrats answered the Republican ditty with "Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!"
On June 2, 1886, 49-year-old President Cleveland married 21-year-old Francis Folsom. She was the daughter of his deceased law partner. Francis knew of the relationship with Maria Halpin and forgave her husband for it. The marriage resulted in five children. Once he took his wedding vow, Grover Cleveland never strayed."

Posted by: 1EgoNemo | April 13, 2010 5:52 PM | Report abuse

With all the whacked stuff this guy is about, being called a teabagger will seem tame by comparison. +1 for the baggers.

Posted by: hoser3 | April 14, 2010 12:56 AM | Report abuse

Mr Capehart:

I sincerely hope you are a true resident of New York. After reading your publication, you're clearly not. We have a beautiful State; parks, opportunity, benefits and, if you've ever experienced a vacation, residents from other states admire "us". "ADK" Mountains, Finger Lakes, to name only two. When our representation is on national headlines for corrupt behavior, fiscal irresponsibility, tax refund delays... it's a shocking reality check. It's time to clear the air, stand for what we are. Let's stop dwelling in the negativity. Misery Loves company, but New York Loves New York. Don't forget the age old jingle; "I (Heart) New York.

Posted by: hypertask23 | April 14, 2010 1:57 AM | Report abuse

Furthermore, please allow me to place a microphone into your personal life, I'd bet you've had something vocal, regardless of topic.

Posted by: hypertask23 | April 14, 2010 2:01 AM | Report abuse

Furthermore, please allow me to place a microphone into your personal life, I'd bet you've had something vocal, regardless of topic.

Posted by: hypertask23 | April 14, 2010 2:02 AM | Report abuse

Nothing to see here, folks. Just an ordinary American right-winger. Move along.

Posted by: hellslittlestangel1 | April 14, 2010 4:25 AM | Report abuse

This was disturbing, disgusting and scary. This "man" should not be running for ANYTHING, let alone one of the most screwed-up political systems in the country. New York needs help, and he is definitely not the one to do it.

Posted by: summersonli | April 14, 2010 4:31 PM | Report abuse

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