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Cheesy, yet interesting, gimmick from the Dems

The clever folks over at the Democratic National Committee today issued “The Republican Tea Party Contract on America.” As gimmicks go, it’s a little cheesy. The whole allusion to the 1994 Contract With America. And the linking of the GOP to the extremists within the Tea Party who made life a living hell for Democrats last summer as they tried to sell health care reform (in all its unbaked glory at the time). But if the DNC and Democratic members play it smart and show some backbone, they could force Republicans to finally state what they are truly for.

The top five of the ten contract items demand a substantive response from the GOP. Republicans have said they wanted to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. Yet, they haven’t said what they’d replace it with. They want to privatize Social Security. With the wild ride the stock market has put us on over the last two years, how would they ensure that grandma and grandpa don’t lose their checks after a bad day on the market? End Medicare as it exists? And then what? Extend the Bush tax cuts and pay for them how? What about protecting consumers from the excesses of Wall Street?

All of these questions deserve serious answers. Instead, the GOP is polling voters on what their agenda should be. If the Democrats hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire on the top five contract items, they might be able to get the electorate to see that the GOP is an ideas-free zone.

By Jonathan Capehart  | July 28, 2010; 3:23 PM ET
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The ironic truth about investing social security in the market is that if those funds had been invested in the market when the crash occured, those same people would have wanted the government to make them whole again!

The logic just doesn't quite add up.

Posted by: | July 28, 2010 4:52 PM | Report abuse

The only thing cheesey is your slant on their move. What is gimmicky about the link between the Grand Obstructionist Party and the baggers?? The gop link THEMSELVES to the baggers, for example, now dirty yellow journalist Breitbart will be appearing alongside Steeley the Clown.
Frankly, MSNBC has turned more and more into Obama-bashers; CNN is Fox Lite; and so except for Rachel (whom I notice you never appear on, wonder why)and often Keith and Ed there really are no decent FAIR commentators on the Obama Administration.
I used to like you, but now the way you kissup to Scarborough etc. makes me want to hurl. And throughout the day when I zap by I often see you offering your 'opinion' which never fails to include unnecessary digs at Obama and his efforts to fix this country. I would like to see you fill even one-half of one of Obama's shoes for one day successfully.
Cheesey is the word, Jonathan: For you.

Posted by: Emmar99 | July 28, 2010 5:16 PM | Report abuse

As much as it irritates newsjunkies, just as a pragmatic matter the Republicans don't have to have specific policy positions. And hey, I know that will drive lefties crazy too, but no matter what the Repubs do the left is gonna go bonkers.
Right now there is enough angst toward the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda that simply not being that will drive enormous center/conservative turnout.
Jonathan is right. This is cheesy, as in Limburger, but the Democrats have to attempt something. It's grist for the faithful.

Posted by: slatt321 | July 28, 2010 5:55 PM | Report abuse

Actually, they are polling lobbyists on what their agenda should be, which makes sense, since its the money vote they are looking for, and thats who they represent.

Posted by: glenerian | July 29, 2010 7:19 AM | Report abuse

Actually, Republicans have ideas; those ideas all just center around controlling women's bodies, giving all the national wealth to their rich friends, and fighting endless wars to keep the rest of us employed either building weapons or wielding them.

Posted by: kstack | July 29, 2010 8:39 AM | Report abuse

Not cheesy at all. Especially when it comes to moderate (sane) Republicans and Independents. Do they really want to repeal health reform and financial reform? Do they really want Congress to do nothing but investigations and spend millions doing so?

The Iowa Republican Party Platform is a good example of how the Teabaggers have taken over the Republican Party.

Progressives are lumped with communists, socialists, fascists as enemies.

They quote Cicero on enemies from within. Gee I wonder why.

They want to repeal the minimum wage, eliminate the Dept of Ed, OSHA, the IRS and

We support the definition of manure as a natural fertilizer.

They cover everything. It's an amazing document into the psyche of the new Republican Party. It's lengthy but it's well worth skimming.

Posted by: FauxReal | July 29, 2010 8:47 AM | Report abuse

Dear Sirs,
Reagan's budget director, David Stockman, was indicted when his company declared bankruptcy within a week of his resignation.
The charges, against him, were dropped by the Bush DOJ.
Anyone still believe in Reagonomics?
Clifford Spencer

Posted by: yankeefan1925 | July 29, 2010 11:05 AM | Report abuse

Us republicans have lots of idea but wh arent even given a chance by this partisobn and negrocentric president

Posted by: ToddPollard | July 30, 2010 12:14 AM | Report abuse

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