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Lula: Stonewalled by Iran

The best friend of tyrants in the democratic world -- Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva -- has once again been humiliated by one of his clients.

That would be Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the sponsor of terrorism and Holocaust denier whom Lula has publicly embraced -- literally. Over the weekend, under pressure from domestic protesters, Lula appealed to the Iranian president to free Sakineh Ashtiani, an Iranian women condemned to death by stoning on charges of adultery, and allow her to go into exile in Brazil.

"If my friendship and affection for the president of Iran matters, and if this woman is causing problems there, we will welcome her here in Brazil," Lula proclaimed.

On Tuesday the Brazilian leader got his answer: a direct rebuff from Ahmadinejad's government, which, with exquisite condescension, described Lula as soft in the head. "As far as we know, he is a very humane and emotional person who probably has not received enough information about the case," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast. "What can be done is to let him know about the details of the case of this person who has committed a crime and has been convicted accordingly."

The details are these: Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two, was found guilty in 2006 of having "an illicit relationship" with two men. She was punished with 99 lashes. Then a court changed the charge to adultery and sentenced her to death by stoning. She has been the subject of an international campaign -- including in Brazil, where a petition questioning Lula's failure to speak up about human rights in Iran has received more than 100,000 signatures.

This is not the first time Lula has been embarrassed by his Iranian "friend." In May, Ahmadinejad lured him into playing the role of useful idiot on the eve of a U.N. Security Council vote on sanctions. In Tehran, the Brazilian president signed a memorandum outlining a supposed compromise on Iran's nuclear program -- one that was instantly revealed to be a steal for Tehran and a non-starter for the Security Council's permanent members. The sanctions vote went ahead.

Ahmadinejad is also not the only dictator to exploit Lula's unconditional support. Lula was busy stroking Raul and Fidel Castro in Cuba last February when the regime announced that an imprisoned dissident, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, had died of a hunger strike. Lula said he "lamented" the death, but went on with his visit -- even as the regime mounted a propaganda campaign to excuse itself for Zapata's death.

Lula's term as Brazilian president is coming to a close; he is campaigning hard for his chosen successor, Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist guerrilla who shares his affection for anti-American dictators. Brazilian accounts say Lula also dreams of serving as the next secretary general of the United Nations. Hence his desire to demonstrate that he can persuade rulers like Ahmadinejad to listen to reason. Only -- apparently, he can't.

By Jackson Diehl  | August 3, 2010; 11:53 AM ET
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"Humiliated", really? I beg to differ!

I think their response was that he's humane person, and according to Ms. Sakineh Ashtiani himself his step was very positive to review his sentence.

I'd rather Lula start being humiliated for positive and pacific requests, than have my country being humiliated in bloody wars, like America is so experient in doing.

Kind regards,

Posted by: aarante | August 3, 2010 1:08 PM | Report abuse

Did you write a similar article when Israel disgraced Biden not too long ago? Of course not, because it doesn't fit your obvious agenda.

Carry on.

Posted by: ardestani | August 3, 2010 1:42 PM | Report abuse

Diehl, I do not believe your report. You are so skewered in favor of Israel. your take dictation from Bibi, you are fooling no one, no credibility!. Really! I doubt you believe own BS. Actually, you should go an register as a foreign agent. if you had any dignity!

Posted by: likovid | August 3, 2010 2:01 PM | Report abuse

Mr. Diehl is one more Zionist Jew who rationalizes unending war for Israel. It is more than just too bad, but possibly fatal for America, that such controls us root and branch.

Have we not two unending conflicts ongoing? Anyone heard of Iraq and Afghanistan? A third war against Iran, for reasons of nuclear WMD which they do not have, would be the capper that puts us all in the crapper for good.

Posted by: tarquinis1 | August 3, 2010 2:12 PM | Report abuse

The pseudochristian jidhadists in the US hold Old Testament adherents like Ahmadinejad in the highest esteem for their relentless defense of barbaric medieval values like stoning "loose" women and persecuting homosexuals. Check out the following story on the "Christian" (sic) punk rock ministry group that lauds the Muslim world for executing gays - and wishes America could be that "moral". Sadly, the Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota has donated money to this hate group.

Posted by: B2O2 | August 3, 2010 2:51 PM | Report abuse

You know Mr. Diehl, your baseless accusations and labeling will not make it so. You have no proof of what you say. That is exactly What is really bothering the Zionists like yourself. NO PROOF OF ANYTHING.

Your rogue Apartheid Zionists state just put a Palestinian man in jail because he had sex with a willing Jewish tart. But you would not talk about that racist incident and policy because you don't want to. But you chose to talk about something that you have no clue about just to take an opportunity to make propaganda.

The Muslims of this world will defend themselves against fools like you. They will defend themselves against the terrine and the atrocities of the rogue Zionists state no matter how much you and yours alike will try to inflect baseless lies against them.

We have heard too much from fool like you and the NEO-Cons and the American population has had stomach full of it and we can't stomach any more of this garbage.

Get a life you racist.

Posted by: Esther_Haman | August 3, 2010 3:26 PM | Report abuse

I obviously know better than to read too much into the comments to a blog post, but the fact that every response critcizing Diehl is a rambling, semi-coherent, anti-Israel screed, tells me something.

Posted by: simpleton1 | August 3, 2010 4:12 PM | Report abuse

Dear Mr. Diehl :

Once this country is cleansed, an unlikelihood in my mind, of people whose loyalties lie 7000 miles eastward and control the gov here in order to advance their own cause and agendas, its core values will begin to shine and an example to follow for the rest.

Sadly, the human rights violations in Iran or the two concentration camps in state of Palestine for that matter, is not the worst of misfortunes placed upon them. The American people are paying a much higher price for their country being hijacked by Tel Aviv loyalists and therefore masking the American values which otherwise could influence others for the better.

Faramarz Fathi

Posted by: frft5 | August 3, 2010 4:55 PM | Report abuse

Que pensamento curto e linear possui este colunista. Incrível a quantidade de infantilidades/insensatezes que conseguiu inserir em tão curto espaço. O WP deveria escolher melhor seus jornalistas pelegos. Assim fica demasiado óbvio, até para os mais alinhados. Enfim, risível...

Saudações cordiais aos leitores,

Posted by: rcdfreitas | August 3, 2010 4:57 PM | Report abuse

Jackson, you are right! Lula does not know that in Iran "drinking" is also not permitted!

Posted by: LuizdeSouza | August 3, 2010 5:03 PM | Report abuse

Ok, everyone here is thrashing Mr. Diehl, or the messenger instead of the message. But the fact is that Lula did get humiliated by Iran and he only defended Sakineh Ashtiani after he got bashed by public opinion in Brazil. I really cannot understand why Lula da Silva defends dictatorships (we shouldn't meddle with internal affairs) and only believes in HIS democracy!

Posted by: macky55 | August 3, 2010 6:20 PM | Report abuse

As a brazilian I feel ashamed by the attitudes of my president. Fortunatelly it won't be long till he steps out of the show...

Posted by: gdib | August 3, 2010 6:40 PM | Report abuse

As a Brazilian, all I can say is that I feel extremely embarrassed and ashamed with President Lula's attitude.
Our country lived more than one third of the 20th century under dictatorship (15 years with Getulio Vargas e 21years with the Militar Government). Many brazilians died trying to deffend the freedom of speech and the democracy.
And now Lula, a man who was said to be the first "popular" Brazilian president, with a humble past (though not a past dedicated to anything but the conquest of power), gives the world this terrible, awfull impression about Brazil.
We are a country of peace, of freedom, of honest work. We dont deserve a president who says the stupid things that Lula says all the time.
We hope the world understands that NO, WE ARE NOT LULA, we are just being misrepresented at this particular moment, and we hope this will change in the coming elections.
Thanks for writing about Brazil e for showing the hole world that Lula is a friend of tyrans and a shame for Brazilian people, who elected him to defend us AGAINST tyrany of any kind, and not to deffend murderers like Castro and Ahmadinejad.
As a brazilian, I say to the World: We are sorry.

Posted by: guaugusti | August 3, 2010 7:00 PM | Report abuse

What a sad article. It only shows what types of reaction the eagerness to "talk" can cause on certain minds. Diehl clearly has nothing to say. His article leaves a odor of hate and intolerance behind. One may very well believe that he is glad that Mr. Lula failed to save the life of the poor woman. "Lula: Stonewalled by Iran." Yes? Mr. Lula has been "humiliated" twice by Mr. Ahmadinejad, says Diehl with his air of triumph. OK. (Un)fortunately, Diehl, Brazil has no enemies around the world and that, truly, was an attempt to solve what the west hasn't been able yet - about the deal between Turkey, Brazil and Iran. If these attempts failed and Mr. Lula comes out of it as "humiliated," I ask you, Diehl, how many times has the President of the USA been humiliated? How many times USA/UN/Israel/YouNameIt have tried to negotiate with Mr. Ahmadinejad and failed? Humiliated too? Let's be clear that I don't think it is NOT A HUMILIATION to try to help the world and fail, when nobody has succeeded. Horrible article. Give Diehl more room and more hatred will spread. An incredible lack of respect too, by the way.

Posted by: PedeRolal | August 3, 2010 7:14 PM | Report abuse

Mr. Diehl,
I know we are getting used to the idea that our congressional figures, media executives and journalists are owned by Wall Street, insurance industry, big business, AIPAC or the gun lobby; but do you really expect us to swallow in whole anything that helps Israel and hurts its enemies! How about some pretense of even-handedness? For example, did you write about how Lula was “humiliated” when the nuclear swap deal he had already detailed with Obama suddenly was not good enough after Iran accepted it? Did you even think Lula was humiliated when he had to leak the memos exchanged between his office and the White House to show how Obama was moving the goal post just to appease the likes of you - Israel worshipers - who will sacrifice what was once the greatest nation on the planet to please an apartheid state of seven million people whose increasingly right wing policies are increasingly despised by virtually every other civilized nation whose government is not intimidated by organized Jewry? How about when Biden was “humiliated” by his Israeli hosts a few months ago? Yet, Lula offers asylum as a gesture and Iranians pass it up and that is “humiliation” to you. The fact that you think us stupid enough to fall for this is as insulting as your blind loyalty to your undeclared cause.

Posted by: AlfieDoolittle | August 3, 2010 8:50 PM | Report abuse


When the truth is spelled in plain black & white, without partinsanship or ideology, it's like a written symphony.

We need to hear more of these masterpieces.

Lula is a fraud!

Posted by: WilliamII | August 3, 2010 9:27 PM | Report abuse

The article highlights the ineptitude of President Lula to deal with crosscultural differences beyond the realms of his own country. His relentless effort to make Dilma Rousseff his successor stirred up the true nature of the pragmatic union leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. His plea for the Iranian lady's life came up amidst the hustle and bustle of a cut-throat presidential campaign as a response to the harsh criticism he received for his earlier refuse to intercede in her favor -which, quoting him, "would be an interference in Iranian affairs, and a big "avacalhação" (mess-up)".

Posted by: NaykidDye | August 3, 2010 9:32 PM | Report abuse

Lula wants to show the world he´s a nice guy.

Here in Brazil he buys all the poor people by giving them a few coins through special government programs

Since those people have nothing, some coins are a lot, and so they vote for whom he asks.

Instead of creating better schools, they want the poor people to live in ignorance, so they make his plans freely.

But what we can expect from a one that cries out loud that he got to be president without education.

It's also good to know that some close friends of Lula, had been in the headlines for being linked to corruption such as Paloci (former minister of economy), Jose Dirceu (another former ministry).

Worst of all, Lula wants to put Wilma as successor. Her background:

I do agree that offering asylum is a good thing, but in this case I do think it´s for international marketing.

He tries to show the world he´s a saint.

We have a lot of people he dying and suffering because of the lack of the money for health.

Money that was used used in all these scandals of Lula´s goverment:
The list:

Posted by: xandrecrux | August 3, 2010 9:47 PM | Report abuse

Lula is a hypocrite. On Wednesday he said he did not want to interfere with the Iranian justice. Next Saturday he changed his mind and said that Brazil could receive Sakineh Ashtiani if she was a problem for the Iranian government. He was not concerned about the human rights of Sakineh but made this statement in order to be regarded as world leader and to help Ms. Dilma Roussef in the presidential campaign.

Posted by: Arcanjo | August 3, 2010 9:55 PM | Report abuse

Typical article from a typical disinformation medium.
This medium is the same who supported the more terrible and horrendous dictatorships regimes trough the world particularly in South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa, supporting theirs puppets dictators in all the regions around the world. Solely to dominate and protect they interest without caring for anything else.

Reading this so called reporter and this (his) article make me sick with anger to see that this kind of people is getting a pay check to write this mountain of utterly rubbish, but hey! that's why are contracted and get paid for.

Go ahead invade Iran as well as you country did with Iraq, Afghanistan and many vulnerable sovereign states, but first demonize them well, prepare the terrain, indulge and convince yourself and the rest of the world that it's the correct way and kill as many innocent people as possible bring terror and misery with your glorious blood thirsty army. Colonialism is back until some power balance is put in place again, time is long overdue.

Posted by: tako1 | August 3, 2010 10:20 PM | Report abuse

For all of the nations in this comments!!
I'm Brazilian and very realist!!
Some Brazilians still believe in Santa Claus!!
And with you stand with Lula or his crew you are the same, they are all criminals!!
Corruption and lie it's deep on those minds!!
These guys are trying to put Brazil in dictate government!!
Wake Up Brazil before it's too late!!
Congratulations Diehl!!!

Posted by: JTCS | August 3, 2010 11:37 PM | Report abuse

Diehl well written!
guaugusti: You do not need to apologize.
I myself am from Brazil. I go online and read the Jornal Globo and Jornal Estado De Sao Paulo and the comments that follow the article. An article written in above mentioned newspapers might not have anything to do with the USA or Israel, but somehow the Anti Americans make it about the USA and the Anti Israel make it about Israel. In their opinion everything that goes wrong in the world is because of the USA & Israel. Lula is a fraud, arrogant and an opportunist and I hope that the world sees this!

Posted by: Croatia1 | August 4, 2010 12:27 AM | Report abuse

Sorry, but must disagree. Lula did the request in an informal way, during a speech. He did so based on his humanity, he was willing to help. I would prefer be humble enough to do so, and maybe, play a role saving someone from a cruel death sentence, just like so many other applied in USA. In the other hand, the same point of view he tried to achieve when made the mediation alongside with Turkey to bend Iran intention to enrich uranium in their facilities. Believe me, on top of his purposes, is the will to not give excuses to USA & friends lunch another lot of ineffective sanctions trough UN to Iranian people. Ineffective because the so called WOMD were never found in Iraq, and so far, Iraqi people suffered so much casualties in USA & allies hands then would do so in Saddam´s hand. Life is all that matter, there is no difference if one is living under a dictatorial regime or under a democracy that spend trillions of dollars in a macro killing machine. So sorry, but you and your newspaper belong to this country. Can´t remember Chávez, Fidel, Morales, Ahmadinejad or Lula as guilty chief of states responsible for killing any foreigner. Do yourself a favor: take a walk on Pennsylvania Av. and stare the real threat monument to other humans being lives and welfare. Thanks a lot. Life is all that matter.

Posted by: nivardomelo | August 4, 2010 1:00 AM | Report abuse

nivardomelo: I will disagree with you when you say that Lula was willing to help based on his humanity. Why would he make such a request informally and in a speech? Do you by any chance recall his visit to Cuba when Orlando Zapata Tamayo died after a hunger strike? He was asked to intervene, he chose to do nothing. Prisoners of conscience in Cuba, he called them criminals. Your comment
"Can't remember Chavez, Fidel, Morales, Ahmedinajad as guilty chiefs of state responsible for killing any foreigner." Really!! Are you sure that they have not killed any foreigner? Are you sure that there are no innocent foreigners in their prisons? Tell me how many of their own they killed or imprisoned for no reason? Do you know? Most likely not! Or do you think that killing or torturing ones own is OK?

Posted by: Croatia1 | August 4, 2010 3:04 AM | Report abuse

It's always educating to learn about the antisemitic mindset of the Red-Green coalition from the comments on Mr. Diel's articles. You would think that nothing can excuse the regime which lashes and stones its women to death, and here they come explaining that, still, Israel and America are much, much worse.

Posted by: arik67 | August 4, 2010 3:36 AM | Report abuse

Surely Mr Lula is the best friend of the tyrants, see OBAMA, BUSH, CLINTON & Co ltd ...

Posted by: wsevangelista1 | August 4, 2010 7:11 AM | Report abuse

Surely Mr Lula is the best friend of tyrants, like OBAMA, BUSH, CLINTON & Co ltd ...

Posted by: wsevangelista1 | August 4, 2010 7:12 AM | Report abuse

These anti-semetic garbage comments make me sick. This article has nothing to do with Israel, yet that's all these idiots can rant about. You're blinded by your hatred.

Posted by: egoodman8 | August 4, 2010 9:45 AM | Report abuse

As a reader of the Washington Post I would like to return the cordial salutations of Mr. rcdfreitas. But I must point out to him that tyrants like Ahmadinejad and Castro are the scourge of humanity and the president of Brazil is indeed a dupe. America isn't perfect but if he would like to share the experience of a free people he might visit here. If he wishes to acquaint himself with the very grim experience of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, also instructive in its way, he might visit Iran or Cuba. Just be careful what you say there, Mr. rcdfreitas.

Posted by: Roytex | August 4, 2010 10:24 AM | Report abuse

Mr. Diehl, you represent in the first sentence, the blind hypocrisy of Americans. The best friend of tyrants in the world? that would be the U.S. for the last hundred years. Either you are uneducated regarding our role as the supporter of tyrants, or you are a blowhard hypocrite.

Posted by: boricuaogun | August 4, 2010 12:41 PM | Report abuse

I'm brazilian and I can tell you that Lula is a terrible president. Instead of putting the country's will above all else, he puts PT's (his party) above all else, and the people is the one to suffer. During the 8 years he has been in power we have had so much corruption scandals that it makes one ill to read the papers or watch the news.
If that wasn't enough, he supports all the tyrants in the world, because they are what he wished to be. PT and Lula are trying to turn Brazil in a dictatorship, one step at a time. He's trying to elect Dilma Houssef as his successor, and he's breaking every law in existance to do that, because in his twisted mind, the laws apply only to those who opose him. It's ridiculous when the freaking president of a contry doesn't follow its laws but expects everbody else to do it.
The only reason Lula considered offering exile in Brazil to Sakineh Ashtiani is because he didn't want to damage Dilma's campaign by letting the oposition say: "See, they didn't even offer to help her."
We are living dark times in Brazil. I so hope that Serra wins the election, otherwise we are all doomed.

Posted by: celi_med | August 4, 2010 12:44 PM | Report abuse

Unfortunately, Brazil is becoming a big joke throughout the world. Our government is dragging the country's name in the mud. Lula stands for ruthless dictatorships around the world and compares political dissidents to common criminals. Thanks to Lula, Brazil is acting just like the infamous Jacques Vergès.

Posted by: felipeoliveira | August 4, 2010 1:16 PM | Report abuse

I'm brazilian.
I'm sorry that we've elect such idiot to president.
He probably will help elect Dilma (the terrorist) because there is a huge mass of pour brazilians that get a "family ticket" (~ US$ 300) every month. And it's proved that, here, votes can be bought.
I'm sorry for the last 7,5 years and I'll be sorry the next 4 if Dilma wins.

Posted by: marcosclima | August 4, 2010 2:52 PM | Report abuse

Posts blaming "Zionists" for anything pretty much get ignored by everyone. It's a quick tip-off that you've got nothing logical to say. If Israel (and all it's sympathizers) were wiped off the face of the earth, you'd quickly find another scapegoat to blame everything on.

Posted by: sam38 | August 4, 2010 3:52 PM | Report abuse

"The best friend of tyrants in the democratic world".

Is this because Lula is very friend of Obama, the major tyran of the world?

Posted by: claudemiraraujo | August 4, 2010 4:10 PM | Report abuse

Really Mr. Diehl?? I wonder if you remember how many denialists/"négationistes" of the Armenian Genocide the U.S current president and former presidents have visited and embraced as good old friends?
And what about their dictator-king- friends of yesterday and today??? What about UK's new Prime Minister's last week's visit and hug to Erdogan? I´m sure you remember Mr. Diehl. Unfortunately, the truth is that journalists like you only acknowledge 'some dictators'....
I wish more presidents were like Lula, 'the best friend of t...' as you call him. There would be less wars and tragedies for sure.

It must be hard to 'fill in' an op column every day/week, with nothing fair to say....

Posted by: cchahinian | August 4, 2010 4:45 PM | Report abuse

In Brazil, he buys all the votes with welfarism and demagogy, while using the public coffers for his personal interests. Lula always took advantage of the lack of poor people to buy their votes, ensuring the power of his party and hide all the irregularities and abuses from their government. Right now, at São Paulo, a series of violent criminal attacks on civilians occur, as in 2006 last elections, an attempt to manipulate the public and discredit the candidate from the opposition. Lula is a complete hypocrite that pretending to defend the 'poor' and 'democracy' while supporting dictators and violent methods of mass manipulation.

Posted by: ashamedbrazillian | August 4, 2010 8:24 PM | Report abuse

Dear Mr. Diehl. Thank you for your posting. Thank you for opening up (or trying) people's mind about who Lula really is. I am Brazilian, I live here. This man lied to us for 25 years and when he got to be president we had nothing but disappointment after disappointment. We had several corruption cases, his friends got a hold in every single one of all public institutions, people died, people had their civil rights broken (bank accounts were violated, for example). USA should monitor Brazilian borderlines because of drugs. We pay a lot more taxes than any US citizen can ever think (I lived in USA for a while before), something like 40%, but we don't have decent health or educational systems at any level, which are federal obligation here. Unfortunately, he bought many Brazilians that don’t want to work anymore because he pays than with public money, but don’t give any training to these people so they could find work instead of living of government funds. He is lying even about this poor Iranian woman, since her history is getting worldwide news coverage. He is just using her to promote himself as the good Samaritan he is not. Just try to find something about some Cuban boxers that stayed in Brazil after the Pan American games and asked to be exiled here. He sent these men back to Cuba in no time. Curiously, he and his friends defended that a known Italian terrorist stayed here in Brazil. This year is a presidential year and the resistance in Brazil is hoping that Lula goes away definitively because if not we will be immersed in a dark time, without civil rights just like Mr. Bush did in States, since he and his friends are practically writhing a new constitution for the country (PNDH3). It is here for anyone to see since Lula associated himself with the worst of the worst tyrants in the world and if Americans think otherwise, I’d like Lula to be USA president (if this could be) just for six months so you would really see. It is all for power (Sorry for the bad English).

Posted by: branjunk13 | August 4, 2010 8:32 PM | Report abuse

Congratulations, Mr. Diehl.
I'm Brazilian and I say: you are right.
Lula was humiliated. He doesn't see (or he does?)that since from the beginning, Ahmadinejad just used him to earn some time, and postergate any kind of retaliation from UN.
Lula is pathetic. He is proud of never have studied so much and displays this as a virtue - the simple man that became President. Based on this, he speaks sometimes in bad manners, and try to use the concept of social justice to violate some laws - these, to him, are sometimes "inconvenient", and can be broken for a high purpose.
But the worst is his association with dictators and quasi-dictators - specially in Latin America. Please, do a research about SAO PAOLO FORUM - this is not a conspiracy theory, it's real. Lula mentioned that in a official speech in July 2nd, 2005. He is deeply connected with Chavez, Morales, FARC, Castro and others, in a strong allegiance.
Look for texts of a very intelligent man from Brazil: Olavo de Carvalho - - with articles in English.
Ahmadinejad doesn't deserve respect or confidence. The same can be said about Lula.

Posted by: GildoJC | August 4, 2010 9:26 PM | Report abuse

Just to explain the comments of most of all brazilian here. They're from wealthy middle to upper class families in Brazil. They're arguing that Lula is screwing our country coz his politics affects their economic position in society, mess with Brazil's name outside and that there's too much corruption on his party.


Firtly, brazilian are ashamed coz they always felt lower than European countries or US, so they want show off anytime possible that is not true, and when our 9-fingers iliterated working-class president got into power they got scared! "OMG, what the europeans will think about us, probably that we live in caves!". Bunch of hypocrites without self-steem.

Secondly, since the firt portugueses came over to Brazil around 1500ac corruption is currently present throughout our cultural and political history. And today it's so rooted in our common sense that when we think 'politics' it equals 'corrupted'. So even these brazilians, who are accusing Lula, support other parties as much or more corrupted than Lula's PT. Their only advantage is that these families control the almighty TV channel Globo in Brazil (and with whom the 60s to 80s dictatorship had a love affair - just watch BBC's Beyond Citizen Kane) so they can pick out who will be exposed by corruption. Consequently, act upon evereone's opinion.

Thirdly, Lula is doing fine internaly and trying hard externaly. People just don't get it, if you want a country to grow, you need to make sure EVERY part of the society grow, that's what he's doing, and not giving few coins to the poors as someone said.

This is also for Mr. Diehl, we never always succeed, but it doesn't mean we have been humiliated (it's just your single-minded vision, Mr. Diehl). It means you have to try again and again. He failed on this one, it was a worth try, better than kill a bunch of civilians, isn't it Mr. Diehl?

To conclude, brazilian people think that 500 years of corruption and inequality in a CONTINENTAL country could change from water to wine in a 4 year-term.
PEOPLE, LISTEN!!! Not even in heaven it would happen. It takes time and he just want a continuity to his efforts, and he believes Dilma is the only person who can do it. Everybody knows if Serra (the opposition candidate) wins it will never happen. And I know that if Serra wins then, Brazil will be really, but really screwed! Badly! Seriously, that will be a dark time in Brazil!

Posted by: aforalex | August 5, 2010 6:51 AM | Report abuse

It´s really funny...
A guy comes and says that if I criticize Lula's government, it's not because it's a bad government, with bizarre flaws, but because I'm from a wealthy family...
How does he know it?
My "economic position" is not affected by Lula's politics. The economy goes well, because Lula DIDN'T CHANGE THE ECONOMIC POLITICS FROM PRESIDENT FERNANDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO. It's simple. Lula shows himself as the creator of these politics. It's a big lie.
Saying tha Lula messes with Brazil's name outside it's not an argue - it's a FACT. Remember his approach to Iran, his support to Castro, Chaves, Morales, FARC, African dictators and others. Nonsense.
Lula's party - PT, Workers Party - It's the most corrupt party in Brazil's history - it's a FACT. Search for "mensalao", "aloprados", "dossies". There are many other examples.
We can disagree, but please, contest my reasons with reasons, not with labels - "CRITICIZING LULA? - WEALTHY!!!"

Posted by: GildoJC | August 5, 2010 8:10 AM | Report abuse

As a Brasilian I feel a big shame for this ignorant president and his support to ditactorships from Ahmadinejad and Raul Castro.

Posted by: eduvieira | August 5, 2010 12:26 PM | Report abuse

I'm not wealthy, quite the contrary. I'm black, had to study in public schools all of my life and today I have a doctorate. And... I am not stupid. Of course, corruption is a big disease in Brazil since its beginning, but what many people fail to see is that WE DIDN'T HOPE TO SEE IT INSTALLED IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PRESIDENT LLULLA! That is the betrayal! During 25 years, Llulla and his "friends" posed as the honest and correct politician, but it was all a game for power. People didn't want to see that ex-Minister José Dirceu, best friend of the said president, was the leader of the "Mensalão", a gang that stole public money and hid it in their underwear. He lost his political rights. Oh, there is the ex-minister Pallocci that, among other things, ordered the invasion of the bank account of Francenildo Santos Costa, a house caretaker that accused the said minister of participating in the division of money earned throught illegal games in Brazil (named bingo). President Llulla was forced by the public opinion to fire Pallocci. Dillma Rousseff, the president candidate to president for 2011-2014, is nothing but a terrorist who lied about her own grades in her Lattes Curriculum (it is a public repository of information about scientists in Brazil). Ask around how things are for the organization of the World Cup to see that nothing was done in Brazil. There is more, a lot more, and it would lack characters to describe the real truth behind the good Samaritan Llulla. I'm ashamed that I voted in this man in 2003, but at least I didn't vote in him again. I kept my integrite and I work instead of leaving of public money given by him.

Posted by: branjunk13 | August 5, 2010 7:20 PM | Report abuse

To GildoJC,

Brazil's name was messed up before Lula, and actually, at least here in UK and Europe he's well seen by the community, maybe not in US. I can say that as I work for a foreigner policy think-tank in London. The truth is, Brazil's image outside has never been so good as an investor country since Lula started make business with developing countries. Vide BRIC.

Let me ask you one thing, what do you prefer? A government that try to tackle international issues with communication and fair results. Or a government that apply unfair sanctions that affect thousands of civilians' life, make war to undeveloped countries and kill the same thousands of civilians?
The last option is what Lula is NOT trying to do. He's trying a different approach to Iran, Cuba etc. but people think if he fails trying he's being humiliated. And because this sort of approach is deemed as being the best friend of tyrants. That's a wrong acknowledgement.

Are you kidding when you said about FHC, aren't you? His economic politics were based on slashing the INSS'(benefit system in Brazil) savings to balance the high inflation index and giving REAL (Brazil's currency) an appearance of stable. He also gave in Vale (mining company) for much less it worth. And Lula is far from have followed that.

I agree that PT (Labour party) is well corrupted, actually I wouldn't vote for them again. But it's not the most corrupted. Gildo, don't be naive and think, the media will never show corruption from the side of who's paying it. PSDB and DEM are much worse, come on!!

Posted by: aforalex | August 6, 2010 6:47 AM | Report abuse

I agree with GildoJC and branjunk13.

In an interview in Veja magazine, Gerardo Santiago, former director of PREVI, the pension fund of Banco do Brazil, admits that he manufactured "files" with content offensive to discredit political opponents of Lula at the behest of Sergio Rosa,the PT (Labour Party) member which was the former president of PREVI.

These are ilegal operations are much more scandalous than Watergate in US.

He said literally:

"When the PT (Labour Party) came to the presidency, they put PREVI to defend the government, the party, the unions, the CUT (Workers Union Confederation). Today, Previ is a partisan arm, is a bunker of a group of PT (Labour Party). Previ is at service of a certain group of very powerful people, led by Ricardo Berzoini, Sérgio Rosa, Luiz Gushiken and João Vaccari Neto. "

Posted by: Arcanjo | August 9, 2010 4:50 PM | Report abuse

The people of other countries need to see the "other side" of a political fraud called Lula:

Posted by: ashamedbrazillian | August 9, 2010 7:21 PM | Report abuse

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