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Here's a post that I didn't get around to addressing in yesterday's Freedom Rock chat (which, um, err, I never got around to hosting):

Monkeyville, Tennessee: You have said, surprisingly, some really good things about Keith Urban. He's playing at our local arena Thursday night, there are still tickets available, and I'd like to go. How can I convince my way-too-cool-for-country boyfriend to go with me? Thanks!

Well, you know, Keith Urban isn't the twangiest country boy around. Not even close. But here's what you should do (he said, channeling Carolyn Hax). Tell your too-cool-for-country boyfriend that Urban is a grade-A guitar slinger whose rhythmic lines and tone just might remind him of a couple of rock 'n' rollers, Mark Knopfler and Malcolm Young. And then explain to him that chicks really, really dig Keith Urban. Lots of chicks. Scalding-hot chicks. The kinds of chicks who should make Nicole Kidman nervous. So: Even if your BF doesn't want to hear those not-really-country sensitive-guy songs that Urban does so well, he can at least enjoy the scenery. (Though I'm sure he only has eyes for you. So what am I even saying?) Watching Urban sing live is a treat, too. He's one of the most emotionally wide-open performers you're going to see in an arena. A fragile flower, he is. But maybe you shouldn't say that to your BF. Stick to the hot licks and hotter chicks and see what happens.

By J. Freedom du Lac |  November 28, 2007; 9:31 AM ET Chat , Girls In Their Summer Clothes , Keith Urban
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Wait. Did you just, in all seriousness, compare Keith Urban's guitar skill to MARK KNOPFLER? Um, with all due respect, are you nuts? I've had the privilege of seeing Knopfler live three times in the last three years, and the man is nothing short of a genius. I've also seen Keith Urban perform live on TV a few times, and while he's not awful, there is just no way on this earth you can put the two in the same PARAGRAPH, much less the same sentence. Good grief, have standards in this culture fallen!

Posted by: bamagirlinVA | November 29, 2007 1:37 PM

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