The Two-Minute Man, Episode 13: Finally, Some Women

Nothing to get too excited about this week, although getting two (or three) new women into the mix helps make this a little bit less of a boys club. It was also an epic battle for the bottom spot.

"This world is [expletive], and you shouldn't model your life on what you think that we think is cool, and what we're wearing and what we're saying." --Fiona Apple, 1997 MTV VMAs

1. "Criminal" - Fiona Apple
Back in high school this was most definitely one of my favorite videos. OK, even today it's most definitely one of my favorite videos. Even taking the video out of the equation this would grab the top spot, especially since it hasn't been overplayed to death in the decade since its release.

2. "Beast of Burden" - The Rolling Stones
With appearances the past couple weeks and an unheard of three-week drought from Tom Petty, the Stones move into a first-place tie on the Most Heard list. In the illustrious career of the Glimmer Twins, this is surely a highlight.

3. "Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)" - Robert Plant & Allison Krauss
The Everly Brothers make for good source material and I'm always a sucker for a song with a Bo Diddley beat, even if this one is modified a bit. It's a weak week, but this matches the highest ranking that Zeppelin has achieved.

4. "Black Coffee in Bed" - Squeeze
Squeeze probably should have been on my Most Surprising Absences list from the first 100 songs. For a few seconds I thought this was "Waiting For the World to Change" by John Mayer. I'm not totally off, am I?

5. "Fly Away" - Lenny Kravitz
So 11 weeks without hearing Lenny, then we poke some fun at him and all of a sudden he makes back-to-back appearances? Maybe if I put him in the top half of this week's rankings he will be appeased.

6. "Saving My Face" - KT Tunstall
And we can add KT Tunstall to the list of Globe-approved females, bringing the grand total to a whopping eight. Well, 8.5 if we're going to count Allisson Krauss above, which I suppose we should. And that's after 130 songs. It's like the 1970's Senate, that Globe playlist.

7. "Running on Empty" - Jackson Browne
The first of two repeats this week. It was bound to happen eventually. The title accurately reflects my ability to write about this song for a second time.

8. "Drops of Jupiter" - Train
Of all the songs likely to be heard at 2:30 a.m., right around last call at your local meat market bar, this is probably one of the better ones.

9. "Fix You" - Coldplay
There are times when I think that Coldplay isn't the most saccharine, overwrought, annoying band in the world. This is not one of those times.

10. "Real Wild Child" - Iggy Pop
Still really terrible.

By David Malitz |  February 8, 2008; 5:06 PM ET Two-Minute Man
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Looks like the Globe or Weasel reads your blog and they crumbled under the accusation of sexism over the airwaves. Fiona, Allison and KT don't rock the boat too much and they sure aren't threatening, but it's a start.

Posted by: Petey T. | February 9, 2008 11:22 AM

haha Petey, if the Globe read this blog then they'd know how much people (like myself) used to love that station but have gotten sick of how horribly Mix 107.3 it's become.

i need to get that HD radio so i can start listening to better music on my drive to work. anyone have any experience (good or bad) with it?

Posted by: around | February 11, 2008 12:09 AM

If you can pick up wrnr 103.1 from annapolis you just might get lucky and hear some worthwhile music. Not as much as they used to but it's still something.

Posted by: Petey T. | February 12, 2008 7:53 AM

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