Up On 'The Wire' With The Pogues

The cheese stands alone - but David Simon doesn't.

Last night, while "The Wire" finale was airing on HBO, series creator Simon was at the 9:30 club, spending the evening with the Pogues ... and 1,200 of the band's closest, booziest fans. This according to TWP music correspondent Chris Klimek, who spotted Simon walking into the sold-out club and stalked the ex-ink-stained wretch from that point forward.

Going to a Pogues show was actually the perfect way for Simon to send off his brilliant series.

Anybody who's obsessed over "The Wire" - which is pretty much anybody who's ever watched it - knows that the Pogues have a special place on the show's soundtrack ... that place being the police bar Kavanagh's, where Baltimore cops convene to sing a drunken version of "The Body of an American" whenever one of their own dies. (Notably, they do so while the dead cop's body is laid out on the pool table. Simon himself? Upright in the 9:30's VIP section last night.)

Think back to Ray Cole's wake, which was actually "The Wire's" way of saying farewell to a series co-creator. Or, for a much more recent example, consider last night's finale itself. (If you haven't seen it, don't worry; you won't find any name-dropping spoilers here. If you're all caught up, though, check out Teresa Wiltz's thoughts re the finale on our sister blog, Channel This.)

"The Body of an American" is included on the official soundtrack, "The Wire: '...and all the pieces matter'" - and it was also featured in last night's Pogues set list, according to Mr. Klimek.

Shane MacGowan's key line?

"Fare thee well gone away/There's nothing left to say."


ETA: Also at the 9:30 club last night, according to Post Rock informants? Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, who as Baltimore's mayor provided Simon with plenty of "Wire" fodder - and plenty of blowback, too, over how the city was being portrayed in the series. No word re whether they hung out together post-show, throwing crumpled beer cans atop the V Street club.

By J. Freedom du Lac |  March 10, 2008; 10:53 AM ET Guest Lists
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O'Malley? Hunh, I thought both he and Simon would have gone to The Pogues show at Rams Head up there.

Posted by: EricS | March 10, 2008 2:57 PM

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