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Six Questions For ... the Old Haunts

The Old Haunts: Better than Radiohead. To refer to an album as stunningly solid may seem like a backhanded compliment but it works perfectly for "Poisonous Times" by the Old Haunts. On its third full-length album the Olympia, Wash., trio takes a tried-and-true sound - punky garage rock in...

By David Malitz | May 9, 2008; 5:26 PM ET | Comments (2)

Six (And A Half) Questions For ... Seether

Seether: Now with 20 percent less Veruca Salt! South African post-grunge band Seether has scored consecutive No. 1 hits on Billboard's hot modern rock chart, with "Fake It" and, now, "Rise Above This." Saturday, the band performs at DC101's Chili Cook-Off in the downtown D.C. parking lot where the...

By J. Freedom du Lac | May 9, 2008; 8:37 AM ET | Comments (0)

Six Questions For ... Liars

Angus Andrew, right, and his bandmates. That horse plays a mean mellotron. When Liars burst onto the scene in 2001 with a dynamic dance-punk sound it was easy to lump them in with similar New York-based bands like the Rapture, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol. Liars responded to this...

By David Malitz | May 8, 2008; 6:11 PM ET | Comments (0)

Six Questions For ... Wanda Jackson

Let's have a party! All hail the queen of rockabilly! That'd be Wanda Jackson, the tough-voiced trailblazer who in the 1950s helped sire this thing that eventually came to be known as rock and roll. On May 18, a new documentary about Jackson - "The Sweet Lady With the...

By J. Freedom du Lac | May 8, 2008; 7:42 AM ET | Comments (1)

Destroyer Debate: "Streethawk: A Seduction" vs. "This Night"

With most indie rock bands the only debate you can have about them is pretty straightforward -- are they good or do they suck? It's rare you can have an argument of substance, but that's not the case with Destroyer. Dan Bejar (who basically is Destroyer) is the kind of...

By David Malitz | May 6, 2008; 10:02 AM ET | Comments (5)

Hola from NoLa: Jazzfest Musings

NEW ORLEANS - Random raves, notes and observations from the Jazz and Heritage Festival's second and final weekend: The big story here was the return of the Neville Brothers, this city's first family of funk. They'd served as Jazzfest's closing headliners for more than a dozen years before Hurricane Katrina...

By J. Freedom du Lac | May 5, 2008; 12:33 PM ET | Comments (4)


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