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PR Pitches We Never Finished Reading: Vol. 2, No. 6

Hi everyone, Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the release date for Tesla's "Comin' Atcha Live! 2008" DVD (Tesla Electric Company Recordings) has been changed to July 15. It was originally scheduled for June 24... Well, consider my weekend ruined....

By David Malitz | May 16, 2008; 3:15 PM ET | Comments (0)

Don't Go There: Rules of the Road

Shut up and sing! The first in a series of posts in which we provide bands with a laundry list of things they should never, ever do at a concert. 1. Do not talk to the audience before the first song. The lights go down, a cheer goes up, we...

By David Malitz | May 16, 2008; 10:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

Live Last Night: The Roots (Haiku Remix)

Funky urgency Hendrix, go-go, Curtis, Biz Rap's rangiest band....

By J. Freedom du Lac | May 15, 2008; 10:29 AM ET | Comments (0)

Live Last Night Weekend Report: Urban Verbs and Old Haunts, the anti-Nissan

While J. Freedom spent the weekend with about 50,000 of his closest friends at Nissan "Never Again" Pavilion, I kept it much more low-key. As always. There are probably more people in Kanye's stage crew than were at the pair of shows I attended. First up was the Urban Verbs...

By David Malitz | May 13, 2008; 4:32 PM ET | Comments (4)

Radiohead Visits D.C., Mother Nature Disapproves

You can't even call it a coincidence anymore. It's a fact -- the weather gods of the D.C. area react in strong and violent ways when Radiohead comes to town. No meteorological training is necessary to predict massive storms when the band visits. By all accounts (including J. Freedom's in...

By David Malitz | May 12, 2008; 10:44 AM ET | Comments (11)


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