Did Daddy Yankee Offer To Endorse Obama?

Democratic Party sources say yes.

Daddy Yankee's camp says no.

Over the past couple of days, Democrats in Denver have been floating the story to reporters from The Washington Post and other media outlets that before Daddy Yankee endorsed John McCain, his reps contacted Barack Obama's campaign -- and that reggaeton star's offer to back Obama was spurned after the campaign began looking into his background.

Didn't like what they saw, apparently. (More on that below.)

It was only then, the sources assert, that the Puerto Rican idol threw in for McCain.

Politico's Ben Smith reported the rumor this afternoon, then updated the item after a McCain spokesman emailed to say: "That's a 'Ludacris' suggestion..." (Get it?)

Daddy Yankee's spokeswoman, Mayna Nevarez, agrees with the McCain rep, telling Post Rock that the Yankee-offered-to-endorse-Obama-first story "is completely false."

"Our camp never approached the Obama camp," Nevarez says. "The Obama and Clinton camps were calling our office before the Puerto Rican primary, trying to get Yankee to endorse them. The McCain camp approached us, as well.

"Yankee considered all the proposals and he liked McCain's. That's why he decided to endorse him. There was never an offer to endorse Obama. That never happened."

If it did happen, though ... here's what would have turned off the Obama campaign, according to a Democratic Party source's email:

"Daddy Yankee Involved In Shooting. According to Newsday, 'Daddy Yankee took a bullet in the leg walking out of a recording studio one night.' In addition, 'at 17, he was caught in the crossfire of a barrio gun-battle and shot twice.' [Newsday, 7/24/2005; The Guardian, 8/1/2005]

"Daddy Yankee Accused Of Assault. According to People en Espanol, 'Daddy Yankee was accused of hitting a soccer player at his hotel just minutes before his Friday night concert at Alejandro Serrano Aguilar stadium in Cuenca, Ecuador...The soccer player alleged that the singer and members of his group got upset when he came to their hotel room and asked them to quiet down. The "Gasolina" singer then attacked Adum, and hotel security had to intervene to defend the athlete. Adum filed a police report against Yankee, noting the supposed incident and that the artist's room smelled like marijuana.' [People en Espanol, 11/20/2007]"

By J. Freedom du Lac |  August 27, 2008; 4:39 PM ET Politics
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